October 29-30, 1980

Flow Effects in Silicon Plasma Etching with Chlorine Containing Gases

R. S. Horwath and C. B. Zarowin (IBM Y.H.)


Residue-Free Reactive Ion Etching of Aluminum using SiCl4

M. Sato and H. Nakamura (Musashino Electrical Communication Laboratory, N.T.T.)


Design and Operation of a Plasmaetching Reactor for Aluminum

T. Hata*, B. Halon and J. L. Vossen (RCA Labs, *Kanazawa Univ.)


Characteristics of Triode-type Reactive Ion Etching System and Its Application

M. Kosugi, T. Ogawa, H. Shibayama and T. Hisatsugu (Fujitsu Laboratories LTD.)


Reactive Ion Etching of SiO2 Film and Application to VLSI

M. Yoneda, S. Uoya and H. Abe (Mitsubishi Electric Corporation)


Application of Reactive Ion Etching to Field Isolation of MOS Devices

K. Kurosawa, Y. Horiike, H. Okano and K. Okumura* (Toshiba Corporation, *Toshiba Semiconductor Division)


Surface Leveling Effect of Silicon Nitride RIE

T. Moriya, Y. Hazuki and M. Kashiwagi (Toshiba Research and Development Center)


Contamination and Damage by Reactive Sputter Etching

Y. Ozaki, K. Hirata, N. Yabumoto and M. Oshima (Musashino Electrical Communication Laboratory, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation)


DLTS Characterization of a Reactive Sputter Etched Silicon Surface

Y. Kawamoto and N. Hashimoto (Hitachi, Ltd.)


Optimization of Plasma Parameters for Dry Resist Development

J. N. Smith (Semiconductor Research and Development Laboratories Motorola)


The Electron Beam Vacuum Lithography

M. Yamada, J. Tamano, *K. Yoneda, *S. Morita and S. Hattori (Nagoya University, *Meijo University)


Mo Crystal Structure Influences on Plasma Etching Characteristics

M. Oda and K. Hirata (Musashino Electrical Communication Laboratory, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Public Corporation)


Anisotropic Etch of Polysilicon Film with CF4 Plasma

M. Nagatomo, W. Wakamiya and H. Abe* (Computer Development Laboratries Limited, *LSI R&D Laboratory, Mitsubishi Electric Corp.)


Ion-Surface Interactions in Plasma Etching

J. W. Coburn (IBM San Jose)


The Study of Reaction Process in Dry Etching by IR Spectroscopy

J. Nishizawa and N. Hayasaka (Tohoku University)


Plasma Etching of Silicon and Silicon Dioxide with NF3 and CF4 Mixtures

S. Nakayama, K. Tsuneto, A. Tasaka,* T. Ohachi, D. Naito** and I. Taniguchi (Department of Electronics, Doshisha University, *Department of Applied Chemistry, Doshisha University. **DAIKIN KOGYO Co. Ltd.)


Plasma Anodic Oxidation of Al-GaAs System

Y. Hirayama, F. Koshiga and T. Sugano (the University of Tokyo)


Effects of Etching Discharge Frequency

R. H. Bruce and A. R. Reinberg (Perkin-Elmer)


Plasma Polymerization Application to Electron Beam Resist

M. Miyamura, M. Sakamoto and S. Inomata (TOSHIBA R&D CENTER)