October 24-25, 1988

Doped Etching by Chlorine and PTEOS Oxide Deposition-Some Recent Results

D. L. Flamm (AT&T Bell Labs.)


The relationship between surface potential and etching characteristics with ECR plasma

N. Fujiwara, K. Nishioka, T. Shibano, M. Yoneda and T. Kato (LSI R&D Lab. Mitsubishi Electric Corp.)


Si trench etching using ECR plasma etcher

D. Takehara, R. Kawabata, H. Shibayama, T. Ashida and H. Shimizu (VLSI Development Labs., Sharp Corp.)


Influence of scattered ions on etched features in microwave plasma etching

T. Mitsuhashi, and J. Kanamori (VLSI R&D Center, Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.)


Magnetron etching of quater micron n+-poly Si gates

S. Noda, H. Kinoshita*, S. Nishikawa and S. Ohno (Semiconductor Technology Laboratory, Oki Electric Industry, Co., Ltd., *Research Inst. of Electronics, Shizuoka University)


Plasma and surface diagnostics in RIE of Tungsten with SF6

G. Turban (LPCM, Universite de Nante)


Low-Temperature Microwave Plasma Etching

K. Tsujimoto, S. Tachi, S. Arai, H. Kawakami and S. Okudaira (Central Research Laboratory Hitachi Ltd.)


Anisotoropic deep Si trench etching by wafer temperature control

H. Doi, T. Tamai and T. Tsukada (ANELVA Corp.)


Highly Selective Etching of Phosphorus-Doped Polycrystalline Silicon at Low Wafer Temperature Employing Magnetron Plasma

M. Sekine, K. Horioka, T. Arikado, Y. Muraguchi and H. Okano (ULSI Research Center, Toshiba Corp.)


Variable profile poly-Si etching with low temperature RIE and HBr gas

M. Nakamura, K. Iizuka and H. Yao (Process Development Div., Fujitsu Ltd.)


Evaluation of the desire process

K. Yamada, Y. Furuto, M. Koshiba and Y. Harita (Japan Synthetic Rubber Co., Ltd., Tokyo Research Laboratory)


The pattern fabrication by sililating process

S. Ito, I. Higashikawa, M. Nakase, S. Hayase, K. Horioka and H. Okano (ULSI Research Center, Toshiba Corp.)


Etching characteristics of plasma CVD polymers

K. Tateiwa and K. Tsuji (Basic Research Laboratory, Semiconductor Research Center, Matsushita Electric Industrical Co. Ltd.)


Photo-diagnostic methods of dry process technology

G. S. Selwyn (IBM East Fishkill Laser Lab.)


Evaluation of RIE-induced damages on Silicon by inductive susceptance method

A. Asai, H. Fujimoto, S. Yoshikado, T. Ohachi and I. Taniguchi (Dept. of Electronics, Faculty of Engineering, Doshisha University)


Removal of RIE Induced Damage Layer using NF3/O2 Chemical Dry Etching

T. Akimoto, K. Kasama and M. Sakamoto (VLSI Development Divi., NEC Corp.)


Main Characteristics of typical RF discharge plasma

H. Mase, T. Tanabe and T. Ikehata (Dept. of Electronic Engineering, Ibaraki University)


Grow plasma stabilization at atmospheric pressure and its application

M. Kogoma, S. Kanazawa and S. Okazaki (Faculty of Science and Technology, Sophia University)


Damageless high-rate etcher by using electron beam plasma

T. Hara, M. Hamagaki, T. Yoshinaga*, Y. Araki, Y. Aoyagi and S. Namba (The Inst. of Physical & Chem. Research, *Central Research Lab., Tokyo Electron Ltd.)


Reactive ion etching of GaAs and GaAlAs using electron beam excited plasma (EBEP)

M. Hamagaki, T. Tanaka*, T. Kajimura*, T. Hara, Y. Aoyagi and S. Namba (The Inst. of physical and Chem. Research, *Central Research Lab., Hitachi Ltd.)


Reactive ion etching of III-V compounds using C2H6/H2

T. Matsui, H. Sugimoto, T. Ohishi and H. Ogata (Central Research Lab., Mitsubishi Electric Corp.)


Down-flow type resist ashing technique employing fluorine atoms and water vapor

N. Hayasaka, T. Arikado and H. Okano (ULSI Research Center, Toshiba Corp.)


Fluorine-enhanced thermal Oxide/Si interface

T. Tanaka*, A. Daud and M. Hirose (*Dept. of Electronics, Hiroshima University, Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Hiroshima University)


Oriented stearic acid resist film formation by evaporation

H. Kato, T. Tashiro, S. Morita, S. Hattori, M. Tawata* (Nagoya University, *Meijo University)


Hydrogen-plasma assisted metal-organic molecular beam epitaxy of GaAs

Y. Kunitsugu, I. Suemune, Y. Tanaka, Y. Kan and M. Yamanishi (Faculty of Engineering, Hiroshima University)


Epitaxial Growth of GaAs on Si by ECR plasma-excited MBE

T. Shibata, Y. Nanishi and N. Kondo (NTT Optoelectronics Labs.)


Laser photodissociation of organometallic compounds on cryosubstrate

M. Kawasaki, N. Nishi* (Research Inst. of Applied Electricity, Hokkaido University, *Inst. for Molecular Science)


UV absorption spectra of adlayers of MOCVD source gases

M. Sasaki, Y. Kawakyu, H. Ishikawa and M. Mashita (Toshiba Research & Development Center, Toshiba Corp.)


Aluminum Thin Films Deposited by photo-CVD of Dimethylaluminum Hidride

H. Hanabusa, A. Oikawa, P. Ying Cai and S. Nakai* (Dept. of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, Toyohashi University of Technology, *Research Section, Toyo Stauffer Chemical Co.)


Preparation of a-SiC films by photo-CVD method

Y. Iwasaki, K. Kobayashi, N. Mutsukura and Y. Machi (Faculty of Engineering, Tokyo Denki University)


Hydrogenated Amorphous Silicon Films Prepared by Mercury Sensitized Photochemical Vapor Deposition

T. Kamimura, H. Nozaki, N. Sakuma, M. Nakajima and H. Ito (Research & Development Center, Toshiba Corp.)


Photo-MOCVD of CdTe using an Excimer laser

Y. Fujita, S. Fujii and T. Iuchi (Electronics & Control Systems Lab., R&D Labs.-1, Nippon Steel Corp.)


Laser induced pattern projection etching of Aluminum

H. Sakaue, S. Miyazaki and M. Hirose (Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Hiroshima University)


Heavy Doping of BORON into Silicon using ArF Excimer laser

S. Yoshioka, J. Wada, S. Matsumoto (Dept. of Electrical Engineering, Keio University)