October 30-31, 1989

Model Experiment for Ion Beam Assisted Etching

T. S. Baller (Philips Res. Lab.)


The Effect of Operating Parameters and RF Bias on Ion Energies in an ECR Reactor

W. M. Holber and J. Forster* (IBM Watson Res. Center, *East Fishkill)


Cold and Low-Energy Ion Etching with ECR Plasma Using a Hybrid Magnetic Field

N. Fujiwara. M. Yoneda and K. Nishioka (LSI R&D Lab., Mitsubishi Electric Corp.)


Si Etching with Low Ion Energy in Low Pressure ECR Plasma Generated by Longitudinal and Multipole Magnetic Field

S. Iseda, K. Asami, F. Amasaki, H. Shindo and Y. Horiike (Faculty of Engineering, Hiroshima University)


ECR Plasma Etching Characteristics Depending on Sub-Magnetic Field and Substrate Position

S. Samukawa, S. Mori* and M. Sasaki* (VLSI Development Division, NEC Corp., *ANELVA Corp.)


Measurement of Ion Scattering Observed by Etching Feature in Reactive Ion Etching

S. Kato, M. Sato and Y. Arita (NTT LSI Labs.)


Development of a New Supermagnetron Plasma Etcher and Its Application to SiO2 Etching

H. Kinoshita, H. Sakuma*, A. Horie* and O. Matsumoto* (Research Inst. of Electronics, Shizuoka University, *Semiconductor Equipment Division, Kokusai Electric Co., Ltd.)


Reaction Mechanism of Highly Selective Etching of AlSiCu Using Brominated Gas Plasma

H. Sawai, N. Fujiwara, T. Ogawa, M. Yoneda and K. Nishioka (LSI R&D Lab., Mitsubishi Electric Corp.)


Effect of N2 Addition on Aluminum Alloy Etching in BCl3/Cl2 Plasma

M. Kobayashi and J. Kanamori (VLSI R&D Center, Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.)


Reaction Mechanism of Phosphorous-Doped Polycrystalline Silicon with Fluorine Containing Species in a Down-Flow Reactor

N. Hayasaka, K. Omiya*, S. Saito*, Y. Kataoka*, T. Arikado and H. Okano (ULSI Research Center, Toshiba Corp., *Manufacturing Engineering Lab., Toshiba Corp.)


Dry Development of the Top Layer Resist for Bilayer Process

T. Motoyama and N. Abe (Advanced Technology Development Div., Fujitsu Ltd.)


Si Substrate Damage Induced by Plasma Radiation

M. Yoneda, K. Kawai, N. Fujiwara and K. Nishioka (LSI R&D Lab., Mitsubishi Electric Corp.)


Charge Build-Up Mechanism in Barrel Reactor

T. Namura and H. Uchida (Kyoto Research Lab., Matsushita Electronics Corp.)


Damage Caused by RF Oxygen Plasma Asher

S. Samukawa (VLSI Development Division, NEC Corp.)


Effect of Si Surface Oxide on Silicidation

H. Kato, S. Miyazaki and M. Hirose (Faculty of Engineering, Hiroshima University)


Damage-Free Selective Etching of Si Native Oxide Employing Fluorine Atoms and Nitrogen Hydrides Produced by NH3 +NF3 Microwave Discharge

H. Nishino, N. Hayasaka, H. Ito, T. Arikado and H. Okano (ULSI Research Center, Toshiba Corp.)


Si Surface Cleaning Using NF3 After Glow Plasma and Deep UV Irradiation

T. Ogawa, K. Kawai, H. Ito, M. Yoneda and K. Nishioka (LSI R&D Lab., Mitsubishi Electric Corp.)


Excimer Laser Patterning Technologies for Microfabrication: Atomic Layer Techniques

D. J. Ehrlich (MIT Lincoln Lab.)


Atomic Layer Growth Mechanism of Silicon by Excimer Laser Induced Cryogenic CVD

T. Tanaka*, T. Fukuda, Y. Nagasawa, S. Miyazaki and M. Hirose (*Department of Electronics, Hiroshima Inst. of Technology, Faculty of Engineering, Hiroshima University)


Control of Area Selectivity in Photo-MOCVD of Aluminum Thin Films

M. Ikeda and M. Hanabusa (Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Toyohashi, University of Technology)


SiNx:H Films Prepared by Mercury Sensitized Photochemical Vapor Deposition

M. Nakajima, T. Kamimura, Y. Suda and H. Ito (R&D Center, Toshiba Corp.)


Heavily P-Doped Epitaxial Si Films Grown by Photo Chemical Vapor Deposition

Y. Jia, A. Yamada, M. Konagai and K. Takahashi (Tokyo Institute of Technology)


Photo-Chemical Vapor Deposition for Making X-Ray Multilayered Mirrors

M. Shin-ogi and Y. Suzuki (Yoshida Nano-Mechanism Project)


Dry Etching of GaAs and InP : Damage Considerations and Novel Radical Beam Etching

E. L. Hu, D. G. Lishan and D. L. Green (UC Santa Barbara)


AES and Photoluminescence Studies of InP Surface Obtained by Reactive Ion Etching Using C2H6/H2

T. Matsui, K. Ohtsuka, H. Sugimoto, Y. Abe and T. Ohishi (Central Research Lab., Mitsubishi Electric Corp.)


Reactive Ion Beam Etching of ZnSe and ZnS

T. Saitoh, T. Yokogawa, K. Mutoh* and T. Narusawa (Opto-Electronics Research Lab., Semiconductor Research Center, Matsushita Electric Ind. Co., Ltd., *Matsushita Research Institute of Tokyo, Inc.)


Surface Structure Analysis of Diamond and a-C:H Films by RIE Method

Y. Shimada, K. Kobayashi, N. Mutsukura and Y. Machi (Faculty of Engineering, Tokyo Denki University)


Modeling of RF Processing Plasmas at 13.56 MHz

T. Makabe and M. Nishimura (Faculty of Science & Technology, Keio University)


Control of Microstructure and Internal Stress of Metal Thin Films Using a Modified Unbalance D.C. Magnetron Sputter

K. Nakashima, Y. Kamatani, A. Hirata, H. Harada, K. Yamamoto, H. Kobayashi (Machinery Division, Ube Industries Ltd.)


Chemical Vapor Deposition of Silicon Oxide Films Employing Independently Excited TEOS and Oxidizing Species

T. Matsuda, N. Hayasaka and H. Okano (ULSI Research Center, Toshiba Corp.)


LPCVD Titanium Nitride for ULSIs

N. Yokoyama, K. Hinode and Y. Homma (Central Research Lab., Hitachi Ltd.)


Chemical Vapor Deposition of Cu Film on SiO2 Employing Acetylacetonato Copper Complex

Y. Hazuki, H. Yano, K. Horioka, N. Hayasaka and H. Okano (ULSI Research Center, Toshiba Corp.)