November 1-2, 1990

SPEEDIE : A Profile Simulator for Etching and Deposition

J. P. McVittie, J. C. Rey, A. J. Bariya, M. M. IslamRaja, L. Y. Cheng, S. Ravi and K. C. Saraswat (Stanford University)


Time-Resolved Electric Probe Measurements of Ar and CH4 Capacitively-Coupled Plasmas

D. N. Ruzic, S. L. Balog and R. B. Turkot Jr. (University of Illinois)


Radical and Ion Induced Surface Reactions in Plasma Enhanced CVD of Si

S. Miyazaki, Y. Kiriki, Y. Inoue and M. Hirose (Department of Electrical Engineering, Hiroshima University)


Study on Surface Reaction Probability of CFx Radicals by Trench Deposition Method

H. Yabe, A. Yuuki and Y. Matsui (Central Research Lab., Mitsubishi Electric Corp.)


Film Characteristics of APCVD Oxides Using Organic Silicon and Ozone

M. Matsuura, H. Kotani and H. Abe (LSI R&D Lab., Mitsubishi Electric Corp.)


Conformal Chemical Vapor Deposition of Insulator Films Employing Digital Method

T. Ichihara, H. Sakaue, T. Okada and Y. Horiike (Department of Electrical Engineering, Hiroshima University)


Fluorocarbon Plasma Deposition in the Low Temperature Region

S. Arai, K. Tsujimoto and S. Tachi (Central Research Lab., Hitachi Ltd.)


Mechanism for Selective Tungsten Growth Employing a WF6 and SiH4 Mixture

H. Itoh, N. Kaji, T. Watanabe* and H. Okano (ULSI Research Center, Toshiba Corp., *IC Advanced Process Engineering Department, Toshiba Corp.)


Relationship Between Silicon Oxide Surface and Selectivity Loss in Selective CVD of Tungsten

T. Tamaru, S. Iwata*, N. Kobayashi* and T. Tokunaga (Device Development Center, Hitachi Ltd., *Central Reserch Lab., Hitachi Ltd.)


Characterization of a Photo CVD Reactor Using Surface Reaction by SiO2 Film Formation

K. Shibata, H. Yuasa, H. Nishihara, S. Ataka, H. Shichida and Y. Maruyama* (Yokohama Research Lab., Babcock Hitachi Ltd., *Hitachi Ltd.)


ArF Excimer Laser CVD of PNx Film and Its Application to MIS Diodes

A. Uda, H. Ito, T. Yamada, T. Sugino and J. Shirafuji (Faculty of Engineering, Osaka University)


Observation of the Photo-CVD Aluminum Growth Process by Scanning Tunneling Microscope

K. Sahara and M. Hanabusa (Department of Electric and Electronic Engineering, Toyohashi University of Technology)


Synchrotron Radiation Studies of the XeF2 Etching of Silicon

C. W. Lo, D. K. Shuh, V. Chakarian, K. A. German and J. A. Yarmoff (University of California, Riverside)


Study of Etched Resist Surface with Direct Recoil Spectroscopy

T. Kumihashi, K. Tsujimoto and S. Tachi (Central Research Lab., Hitachi Ltd.)


Reactions of Radicals with Silicon Oxide Surfaces in a Fluorocarbon Plasma

N. Ikegami, N. Ozawa, Y. Miyakawa and J. Kanamori (VLSI R&D Center, Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.)


Electrical and Optical Measurements of Electron Cyclotron Resonance Cl2 Plasmas : A Relation to the Si Etching

T. Oomori, M. Tsuda, H. Ootera and K. Ono (Central Research Lab., Mitsubishi Electric Corp.)


Low Pressure Etching Using a Helical Resonator Discharge

D. E. Ibbotson, J. M. Cook* and C. P. Chang (AT&T Bell Laboratories, *Applied Materials, Inc.)


ECR Position Etching Technology for ULSI Productions

S. Samukawa, Y. Nakagawa* and E. Wani* (VLSI Development Division, NEC Corp., *ANELVA Corp.)


SiO2 Tapered Etching Employing Magnetron Discharge

T. Ohiwa, K. Horioka, T. Arikado, I. Hasegawa* and H. Okano (ULSI Research Center, Toshiba Corp., *IC Advanced Process Engineering Department, Toshiba Corp.)


Etching Uniformity Improvement under a Stationary Magnetic Field in Supermagnetron Plasma Etching

H. Kinoshita, K. Nomoto, H. Ikegawa and M. Yamauchi (Research Inst. of Electronics, Shizuoka University)


Low-Temperature Etching of Organic Resist

T. Kure, H. Kawakami, S. Tachi and H. Enami* (Central Research Lab., Hitachi Ltd., *Device Development Center, Hitachi Ltd.)


Effect of Gas Species on the Depth Reduction in Silicon Deep-Submicron Trench RIE

M. Sato, S. Kato and Y. Arita (NTT LSI Labs.)


Low Temperature Annealing Effect on RIE-Damaged Silicon

A. Asai, M. Sugihara, A. Murata and I. Taniguchi (Faculty of Engineering, Doshisha University)


Charge Build-Up in Magnetized Process Plasma

T. Namura, H. Okada, Y. Naitoh*, Y. Todokoro and M. Inoue (Kyoto Research Lab., Matsushita Electronics Corp., *Semiconductor Research Center, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.)


After-Corrosion Suppression Using Low-Temperature Al-Si-Cu Etching

H. Aoki, E. Ikawa, T. Kikkawa, Y. Teraoka* and I. Nishiyama* (Microelectronics Research Labs., NEC Corp., *Opticalelectronics Research Labs., NEC Corp.)


Mechanism of Corrosion in Al-Si-Cu

N. Hayasaka, Y. Koga*, K. Shimomura, Y. Yoshida* and H. Okano (ULSI Research Center, Toshiba Corp., *IC Advanced Process Engineering Department, Toshiba Corp.)


Sodium Contamination Free Ashing Process Using O2+H2O Plasma Downstream

S. Fujimura, M. T. Suzuki, K. Shinagawa and M. Nakamura (Basic Process Engineering Department, Fujitsu Ltd.)


Simultaneously Formed Vertical and 45-Mirrors of InP for Surface Emitting Lasers Using Inclined Cl Ion Beams

K. Mutoh, S. Wakabayashi*, M. Nakajima and Y. Toyoda* (Matsushita Research Inst. of Tokyo, Inc., *Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.)


XPS Study on Fluorination of GaAs Surface in CF4 Plasmas

M. Iida, H. Kaibe and T. Okumura (Faculty of Engineering, Tokyo Metropolitan University)


Surface Etching, Modification and Thin Film Deposition in Atmospheric-Pressure Glow Discharge Plasma

T. Yokoyama, K. Koiwa, H. Nakamura, M. Kogoma, T. Moriwaki and S. Okazaki (Faculty of Science and Technology, Sophia University)