October 23-24, 1991

Quantification of Plasma-Surface Interactions in Fluorocarbon Plasma Etching of Silicon and Silicon Dioxide

D. C. Gray and H. H. Sawin (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)


Molecular Beam Studies of the Reaction of Fluorine and Oxygen with Silicon Surfaces

J. R. Engstrom, M. M. Nelson*, D. J. Bonser* and T. Engel* (Cornell University, *University of Washington)


Mechanism of High Selectivity and Impurity Effect in HBr RIE \in situ Surface Analysis\

M. Nakamura, K. Koshino and J. Matsuo* (Process Development Div., Fujitsu Ltd., *Fujitsu Labs. Ltd.)


Study on Chlorine Adsorbed Silicon Surface Using Soft-X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy

J. Matsuo, K. Karahashi, A. Sato and S. Hijiya (Fujitsu Atsugi Labs., Ltd.)


Mechanisms of Surface Reactions in Dry Etching of Silicon Oxide

N. Ikegami, N. Ozawa, Y. Miyakawa, N. Hirashita and J. Kanamori (VLSI R&D Center, Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.)


In-situ X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy Observation on Reactive Etched Surface of Indium-Tin Oxide Film Emplying Alcohol Gas

H. Sakaue, M. Koto, T. Hashimoto and Y. Horiike (Department of Electrical Engineering, Hiroshima University)


Plasma Dry Processing in the Helicon Reactor

B. Chapman, N. Benjamin, C. F. A. van Os, R. W. Boswell* and A. J. Perry* (Lucas Labs., *Australian National University)


Ion Transport in Low Pressure, High Density Plasmas

T. Nakano, N. Sadeghi*, D. J. Trevor**, R. A. Gottscho**, A. J. Perry***, R. W. Boswell*** and J. Margot**** (National Defente Academy, *Universite Joseph Fourier and CNRS, **AT&T Bell Labs., ***Australian National University, ****Universite de Montreal)


SiO2 Etching with High Performance ECR Plasma

N. Fujiwara, H. Miyatake, M. Yoneda, K. Nakamoto and H. Abe (LSI Lab., Mitsubishi Electric Corp.)


One Dimensional Modeling for Magneto-Microwave Plasma

M. Ikegawa and Y. Kakehi (Mechanical Engineering Research Lab., Hitachi Ltd.)


The Influence of Incident Angle Distributions of Plasma Particles on the Etched Profiles of Silicon Films

T. Morimoto, C. Takahashi and S. Matsuo (NTT LSI Labs.)


Novel Static Magnetron Triode RIE

M. Sato and Y. Arita (NTT LSI Labs.)


Deposition in Dry Etching Gas Plasmas

S. Arai, K. Tsujimoto and S. Tachi (Central Research Lab., Hitachi Ltd.)


Effects of Low Energy Ions on Polymerization in Dry Etching

T. Mitsuhashi and J. Kanamori (VLSI R&D Center, Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.)


Influence of Al Surface Modification on Selectivity in VIA-Hole Etching Employing CHF3 Plasma

T. Ohiwa, T. Arikado, K. Horioka, I. Hasegawa*, T. Matsushita*, K. Shimomura and H. Okano (ULSI Research Center, Toshiba Corp., *Semiconductor Group, Toshiba Corp.)


Pulsed Laser Radiated RIE \Control of CFx Polymer Film\

M. Kobayashi and M. Nakamura (Process Development Div., Fujitsu Ltd.)


Quantitative Evaluation of Charge-up Damage by Using Current Sensitive MOS Diodes

K. Hashimoto, D. Mastunaga* and M. Kanazawa* (Process Development Div., Fujitsu Ltd., *ULSI Development Div., Fujitsu Ltd.)


Gate Oxide Breakdown Phenomena in Magnetized Plasma

M. Sekine, K. Horioka, T. Matsushita*, K. Hishioka*, Y. Mastunaga, Y. Yoshida* and H. Okano (ULSI Research Center, Toshiba Corp., *Semiconductor Group, Toshiba Corp.)


Appearance and Disappearance of Random Telegraph Signal in Small MOSFET's due to X-ray Irradiation

H. Muto, M. H. Tsai* and T. P. Ma* (Manufacturing Development Lab., Mitsubishi Electric Corp., *Department of Electrical Engineering, Yale University)


Mechanism for AlSiCu Alloy Corrosion

T. Ishida, N. Fujiwara, M. Yoneda, K. Nakamoto and K. Horie (LSI Lab., Mitsubishi Electric Corp.)


Effects of H2O Downstream on After Corrosion

T. Kondo, F. Harada, J. Konno, S. Fujimura*, K. Shinagawa* and T. Takada (Gate Array Div., Fujitsu Ltd., *Process Development Div., Fujitsu Ltd.)


The Dependence of Residual Chlorine Amount on Al Grain Size

H. Aoki, E. Ikawa, T. Kikkawa, Y. Teraoka* and I. Nishiyama* (Microelectronics Research Labs., NEC Corp., *Opto-electronics Research Labs., NEC Corp.)


Dopant Deactivation Caused by Resist Ashing

T. Namura, Y. Todokoro and M. Inoue (Kyoto Research Lab., Matsushita Electronics Corp.)


A 100% Dry Process for Stripping As Implanted Photoresist

M. Kikuchi and R. L. Bersin (ULVAC Japan Ltd.)


Cleaning and Prevention of Electron-Induced Carbon Contamination

I. Sakai, N. Hayasaka, Y. Yamazaki*, M. Miyoshi* and H. Okano (ULSI Research Center, Toshiba Corp., *Semiconductor Group, Toshiba Corp.)


Selected Area Nucleation and Bond Strain Relaxation in Sillicon PECVD Using Time Modulated Silane Flow

G. N. Parsons and J. J. Boland (T. J. Watson Research Center, IBM)


Effect of Substrate Bias on Silicon Thin Film Growth in Plasma Enhanced CVD at Cryogenic Temperatures

H. Shin, K. Okamoto, S. Miyazaki and M. Hirose (Department of Electrical Engineering, Hiroshima University)


Preparation of Microcrystalline Silicon Films by VHF Digital CVD

M. Otobe and S. Oda (Department of Physical Electronics, Tokyo Institute of Technology)


Synthesis of Diamond Using Fe Catalysis by R. F. Plasma-CVD

Y. Shimada, N. Mutsukura and Y. Machi (Faculty of Engineering, Tokyo Denki University)


Laser Ablation : Mechanism and Application

J. C. S. Kools and J. Dieleman (Philips Research Labs.)


Low Temperature Growth of SiO2 Thin Film by Photo-CVD Using Synchrotron Orbital Radiation

Y. Mastui, R. Nagayoshi, M. Nakamura, M. Okuyama and Y. Hamakawa (Faculty of Engineering Science, Osaka University)


Photoinduced Deposition of Aluminum Thin Film on Silicon Nitride and Oxide

H. Ouchi, K. Ishida, M. Hanabusa, S. Shogen* and M. Kawasaki* (Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Toyohashi University of Technology, *Research Institute of Applied Electricity, Hokkaido University)


Fabrication of Tungsten-Carbon Multilayers for Soft X-ray Optics Using Laser-Beam-Scanning Chemical Vapor Deposition Technique

Y. Yamada, K. Mutoh, T. Iwabuchi and T. Miyata (Matsushita Research Institute Tokyo, Inc.)