November 1-2, 1993

Plasma Diagnostics Modeling and Etching Applications of the Multipolar ECR Plasma Reactor

Jes. Asmussen (Michigan State University)


Modeling of SF6 Narrow-GAP-RIE by RCT Model

N. Nakano, N. Shimura, Z. Lj. Petrovic* and T. Makabe (Faculty of Science and Technology, Keio University, *Institute of Physics, University)


RF Glow Discharge Characteristics : Effects of Applied Frequency and Method of Power Coupling

K. Harahuji, A. Yamano and M. Kubota (Semiconductor Research Center, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd)


A New High-Density Plasma Etching System Using a Dipole-Ring Magnet (DRM)

M. Sekine, M. Narita, S. Shimonishi, I. Sakai, K. Tomioka, K. Horioka, Y. Yoshida* and H. Okano (ULSI Research Laboratories, Research and Development Center, *Semiconductor Manufacturing Engineering Center, Toshiba Corp.)


Countermeassure of the Charge Build-up on Magnetically Enhanced Reactive Ion Etching

S. Nakagawa, T. Sasaki and H. Mori* (Kyoto Research Laboratory, *Momory Division, Matsushita Electronics Corp.)


Electrostatic Coupling of Antenna and The Shielding Effect in Inductive RF Plasmas

H. Sugai, K. Nakamura and K. Suzuki (Department of Electrical Engineering, Nagoya University)


Charge Damege Caused by Shading Antenna from Electrons

K. Hashimoto, T. Ohtsuka, K. Kawaguchi, M. Aoyama* and D. Matsunaga (LSI Wafer Process Division Fujitsu Limited, *VLSI Laboratory, Fujitsu VLSI Limited)


Mechanism of Surface Charging Effects on Etching Profile Defects

S. Murakawa and J. P. McVittie (Stanford University)


Effect of ECR Plasma a Expansion on Etching Characteristics in a Flared Magnetic Field

N. Fujiwara, T. Maruyama, M. Yoneda and K. Tsukamoto (ULSI Laboratory, Mitsubishi Electric Corp.)


Characteristics of n+ poly-Si Etching by Helicon Wave Plasma

D. Takehara, M. Sato, A. Ishihama and K. Shakiyama (VLSI Development Laboratories, Sharp Corp.)


Mechanism of WSi2 Etching Using ECR Plasma

T. Maruyama, N. Fujiwara, M. Yoneda and K. Tsukamoto (ULSI Laboratory, Mitubishi Electric Corp.)


Effects of Rare Gas Addition to Cl2 Gas in Poly Si Etching

K. Tsunokuni, K. Yamazaki and K. Nojiri (Semiconductor & Integrated Circuits Div, Hitachi, Ltd.)


Reduction of Microloading by Dry Etching Technique with High-Speed Pumping and Low Pressure

N. Kofuji, K. Tsujimoto, T. Kumihashi and S. Tachi (Central Research Laboratory, Hitachi, Ltd.)


Evaluation of Plasma-Induced Damage by Medium Energy Ion Scattering

S. Yokoyama, Z. j. Radzimski*, K. Ishibashi**, S. Miyazaki** and M. Hirose** (Research Center for Integrated Systems, Hiroshima University, *North Carolina State University, **Factry of Engineering, Hiroshima University)


Polymerization for Highly Selective SiO2 Plasma Etching

S. Samukawa (Microelectronics Research Laboratories, NEC Corp.)


Fine Contact Hole Etching in magneto-Microwave Plasma

Y. Miyakawa, J. Hashimoto, N. Ikegami, T. Matsui and J. Kanamori (VLSI Research & Development Center, Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.)


Analysis of Fluorocarbon Film Deposited under High Selective Oxide Etching Process

T. Akimoto, S. Huruouya, K. Harashima and E. Ikawa (ULSI Device Development Laboratories, NEC Corp.)


Free Radicals in an ICP Etching Reactor

Y. Hikosaka, M. Nakamura and H. Sugai* (Basic Process Davelopment Division, Fujitsu Ltd., *Depertment of Electrical Engineering, Nagoya University)


High Rate and High Selectivity SiO2 Etching Employing Inductively Coupled Plasma

T. Hukasawa, A. Nakamura, H. Shindo* and Y. Horiike (Department of Electrical Engineering, Hiroshima University, *Faculty of Engineering, Fukuyama University)


Chemical Sputtering of Si Related to Roughness Formation of a Cl-passivated Si Surface

H. Feil, J. Dieleman and B. J. Garrison* (Philips Research Laboratories, *The Pennsylvania State University)


Etching Dynamics from First Principles : F/Si (100)

Emily A. Cater (University of California Los Angeles)


Temperature Dependence of Etching with Molecular Fluorine on Si (111) Surface

M. Hiroi, T. Tatsumi (Microelectronics Research Laboratories, NEC Corp.)


PSD Mechanism of Cl+ Ions from Cl/Si (111) Surface

T. Yonezawa, H. Daimon, K. nakatsuji, K. Sakamoto, S. Suga, H. Namba* and T. Ohta* (Faculty of Engineering Science, Osaka University, *Faculty of Science, The University of Tokyo)


Laser-Induced Electronic Cleaning of Semiconductor Surfaces with and without Bromine Exposure

J. Kanasaki, A. Okano, Y. Nakai and N. Itoh (Department of Physics, Nagoya University)

Rediation Damage Effecs for SiO2 Etching in HBr RIE

K. Koshino and M. Nakamura (Basic Process Development Division, Fujitsu Ltd.)


Etch Rate Acceleration of SiO2 During Wet Treatment After Gate Etching

T. Tatsumi, S. Fukuda and S. Kadomura (ULSI R&D Laboratories, Sony Corp.)


Native Oxide Removal on Si Surface by NF3 Added Hydrogen Plasma Downstream Treatment

J. Kikuchi, M. Iga, H. Ogawa, S. Fujimura and H. Yano (Fujitsu Ltd.)


Silicon Surface Cleaning Using NF3 After Glow Plasma and DUV Irradiation \ Photostimulated Desorption of SiFx \

T. Ogawa, H. Ito, M. Yoneda and K. Tsukamoto (ULSI Laboratory, Mitubishi Electric Corp.)


Molecular Beam Mass Spectrometry Studies of Diamond Deposition by CVD Techniques

Wen L. Hsu, Mark C. McMaster and Michael E. Coltrin (Sandia National Laboratories)


High-Quality and Low Dielectric Constant SiO2 CVD Using High Density Plasma

N. Hayasaka, Y. Nishiyama, H. Miyajima, K. Tomioka, R. Nakata and H. Okano (ULSI Research Laboratories R&D Center, Toshiba Corp.)


Fine SiO2 Pattern Generation by Excimer Laser Induced Modification of PolysiloxeneBased Thin Films

K. Okamoto, M. Shinohara, S. Miyazki and M. Hirose (Department of Electrical Engineering, Hiroshima University)


Study of the Etching Reaction by Atomic Chlorine Using Molecular Beam Scattering

K. Karahashi, J. Matsuo and K. Horiuchi (Fujitsu Laboratories)


Transiational Energy Induced Anisotropic Etching of Poly-si by Cl2 Supersonic Molecular Beam

Y. Teraoka and I. Nishiyama (Microelectronics Research Liboratories, NEC Corp.)


Generation of ECR Neutral Stream and its Application to Si Etching

T. Tsuchizawa, Y. Jin and S. Matsuo (NTT LSI Laboratories)


Examination of Selectiv Etching and Etching Damage with Mass-Selected Ion Beam

T. Sakai, H. Hayashi, J. Abe, K. Horioka and H. Okano (ULSI Research Laboratories Research & Development Center, Toshiba Corp.)