November 1-3, 1995

Application of Thomson Scattering as a Diagonostic for Processing Plasmas

M. D. Bowden, T. Hori, W. Cronrath, N. Aoki, H. Muta, K. Uchino and K. Muraoka (Graduate School of Engineering Sciences, Kyushu University)


Production of Stable Inductive Plasmas Using an Internal Metal Coupler

K. Nakamura, N. Kuwashita, K. Suzuki and H. Sugai (Department of Electrical Engineering, Nagoya University)


Relation between Sheath Potential and Variation of Electron Energy Distribution in Electron-Beam-Excited Plasma Apparatus

R. Miyano, S. Izumi, R. Kitada, M. Fujii, S. Ikezawa and A. Ito* (Department of Electronic Engineering, Chubu University *Center of Engineering Development, CKD Ltd.)


Time Modulated Operation of High Density Plasma Sources

S. Ashida, C. Lee, M. R. Shim, M. A. Liberman (Dept. EECS, University of California)


Simulation of Afterglow Plasmas in time-modulated Cl2 Plasmas

A. Yokozawa, H. Ohtake* and S. Samukawa* (ULSI Device Development Laboratories ; *Microelectronics Laboratories, NEC Corp.)


Reduction of Electron Shading Damage by Using Synchronous Bias in Pulsed Plasma

K. Hashimoto, Y. Hikosaka, A. Hasegawa and M. Nakamura (Process Development Division Fujitsu Ltd.)


Reduction of Local Charge up with Electron Acceleration Pulse Bias

N. Kofuji, K. Tsujimoto and T. Mizutani (Central Research Laboratory, Hitachi Ltd.)


Microloading-free Si Trench Etching in Pulse-time Modulated ECR Plasma with 600kHz RF bias

H. Ohtake and S. Samukawa (Microelectronics Research Laboratories, NEC Corp.)


Pulse Plasma Processing for Reduction of Profile Distortion Induced by Charge Build-up in ECR Plasma

N. Fujiwara, T. Maruyama and M. Yoneda (ULSI Laboratory, Mitsubishi Electric Corp.)


Gate Poly-Si Etching by a Pulsed Inductive Plasma in Chlorine

T. H. Ahn*,**, K. Nakamura* and H. Sugai* (*Department of Electrical Engineering, Nagoya University, *,**Semiconductor R&D Center, Sumsung Electronics)


SiO2 Etching Using M=0 Helicon Wave Plasma

H. Nogami, Y. Nakagawa, K. Mahimo, Y. Ogahara* and T. Tsukada (Research & Development Division, *Semiconductor Equipment Division, A NELVA Corp.)


The Influence of poly-Si Potential on Profile Distortion Caused by Charge Accumulation

S. Ogino, N. Fujiwara, H. Miyatake and M. Yoneda (ULSI Laboratory, Mitsubishi Electric Corp.)


The Effects of Conductivity of Polysilicon on the Profile Distortion

K. K. Chi, H. S. Shin, W. J. Yoo, C. O. Jung, Y.B. Koh and M. Y. Lee (Semiconductor Research Development Center, Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd.)


The Notch Profile Defect in Aluminum Alloy Etching Using High Density Plasma

S. Tabara (Process Development Department, Yamaha Corp.)


Profile Control and its Mechanism Analysis in 0.15 μm Poly-Silicon Etching

M. Ohkuni and M. Kubota (Semiconductor Research Center, Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd.)


A New Low Pressure, High Density Etch Reactor for 300mm Wafer Critical Applications

L. G. Jerde, R. A. Ditizio, Y. Zhang and M. Zucker (Tegal Corp.)


Low Temperature Synthesis of Diamond Films with ECR Plasma CVD

T. D. Mantei (Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Cincinnati)


MOCVD Ferroelectric Thin Films by Flash Vaporization of Liquid Source Solutions

P. Kirlin (ATM Inc.)


Reaction Mechanism and Electrical Properties of (Ba, Sr) TiO3 Films Prepared by Liquid Source Chemical Vapor Deposition

M. Yamamuka, T. Kawahara, A. Yuuki and K. Ono (Advanced Technology R&D Center, Mitsubishi Electric Corp.)


TEOS-Based SiO2 Chemical Vapor Deposition : Reaction kinetics and Related Surface Chemistry

M. E. Bartram, H. K. Moffat (Chemical Processing Sciences Department, Sandia National Laboratories)


High Purification of Cu Thin Films by Oxygen Addition at Early Stage of Chemical Vapor Deposition Using Cu+1 (hfac) (tmvs) as Precursor

A. Kajita, H. Kaneko and N. Hayasaka (ULSI Research Laboratories, Toshiba Corp.)


Enhanced MOCVD Titanium Nitride Film (TiN:C) for Barrier Metal Application in Sub-half Micron Technology

Chin-Kun Wang*, Lu-Min Liu*, Marvin Liao**, Huang-Chung Cheng***, Mou-Shiung Lin (Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co., Ltd., *now with Winbond Electoronics Corp., **MCVD Division, Applied Materials, ***Department of Electronics Engineering And Institute of Electronics National Chiao Tung University)


Fine SiO2 Pattern Generation by Electron Beam Direct Writing onto Polysiloxene-based Thin Films and Its Application to Etch Mask

K. Okamoto, S. Yamakawa, S. Miyazaki and M. Hirose (Department of Electrical Engineering, Hirosima University)


Fundamental Aspects of The Peaction of Thermal and Hyperthermal F, F2, Cl, and Cl2 with Si Surfaces

T. Engel (Department of Chemistry, University of Washington)


Study on Collision-induced Etching Reactions with Hyperthermal Inert Gas Beams

K. Karahashi and K. Horiuchi (Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd.)


Surface Analysis During Plasma Etching by Laser Induced Thermal Desorption

I. P. Herman (Department of Applied Physics and the Columbia Radiation Laboratory, Columbia University)


Time-resolved Observation of Laser Induced Surface Reaction for Si/Cl2 System Using Second-Harmonic Generation

S. Haraichi, F. Sasaki, S. Kobayashi, M. Komuro and T. Tani (Electrotechnical Laboratory)


In situ Fourier Transform Infrared Measurements of Si Surface and Bulk Plasmas in Cl2/O2 and HBr/O2 Electron Cyclotron Resonance Plasma Etching : Influence of Oxygen on Reaction Products

K. Nishikawa, T. Oomori, K. Ono and M. Tuda (Advanced Technology R&D Center, Mitsubishi Electric Corp.)


Native Oxide Removal by NF3 added Hydrogen and Water vapor Plasma Downstream Treatment (II)

J. Kikuchi, M. Nagasaka, H. Yano, S. Fujimura*, Y. Morinaga** and Y. Horiike** (Fujitsu Ltd. ; Manufacturing Technology Division, *Process Development Division, **Electrical and Electronic Engineering, Toyo University)


Dry Etching Mechanism of Sputtered Pb (Zr1-xTix) O3 Film

N. Ikegami, T. Matsui and J. Kanamori (VLSI R&D Center, Oki Electric Industry Co., Ltd.)


High Rate and Smooth Surface Etching of Al2O3-TiC Employing Inductively Coupled Plasma (IPC)

N. Fukushima, H. Katai*, T. Wada** and Y. Horiike* (Technical Laboratory, Citizen Watch Co., Ltd. ; *Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Toyo University ; **Sumitomo Special Metals Co., Ltd.)


Control of the Pattern Slope in Ar/Cl2/O2 Plasmas During Etching of Pt

W. J. Yoo, J. H. Hahm, C. S. Whang, S. O. Park, Y. B. Koh and M. Y. Lee (Semiconductor Research and Development Center, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.)


Modeling of ECR-RIBE Process for GaAs with Cl2

M. Sugiyama, K. Nishioka, M. Nezuka*, Y. Shimogaki, Y. Nakano, K. Tada and H. Komiyama (Faculty of Engineering, University of Tokyo ; *Plasma System Corp.)


The Mechanism of Etching Damage in the Highly-selective Oxide Etching Process

K. Yagi, M. Matsui*, F. Uchida* and T. Tokunaga (Device Development Center, *Central Research Laboratory, Hitachi Ltd.)


The Study on the Influence of Gas Chemistry and Ion Energy for Contact Resistance

K. Hashimi, T. Matsunaga, M. Kanazawa, M. Tomoyasu*, A. Koshiishi* and M. Ogasawara* (2nd Process Development, Fujitsu Ltd. ; *2nd Development Engineering Department, Tokyo Electron Yamanashi Ltd.)


Dependence of Contact Resistance on Dry Etching Conditions

T. Kaminishizono, T. Akimoto and E. Ikawa (ULSI Device Development Laboratories, NEC corp.)


Mechanism of CF Polymer Film Deposition through Deep SiO2 Holes in Electron Cyclotron Resonance Plasma

T. Ono, R. Hamasaki and T. Mizutani (Central Research Laboratory, Hitachi Ltd.)


Characterization of Highly Selective SiO2/Si3N4 Etching at High-Aspect-Ratio Holes

H. Hayashi, K. Kurihara and M. Sekine (ULSI Research Laboratories, Toshiba Corp.)


Analysis on Fluorocarbon Deposition during SiO2 Etching

T. Maruyama, N. Fujiwara, K. Shiozawa and M. Yoneda (ULSI Laboratory, Mitsubishi Electric Corp.)


Control and Qualification of Precursor in SiO2 High Selective Etching Employing Radical Injection Technique

K. Takahashi, M. Inayoshi, M. Hori and T. Goto (Department of Quantum Engineering, Nagoya University)


Temperature and Aspect Ratio Dependence of BPSG Etch Rate in CHF3/Ar Plasma

M. K. Abatchev, C. K. Lee, W. J. Yoo, C. 0. Jung, Y. B. Koh and M. Y. Lee (Semiconductor Research and Development Center, Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd.)


SiO2 Etching Employing Inductively Coupled Plasma with Hot Inner Wall

Y. Cinzei, T. Ichiki, R. Kurosaki*, H. Shindo** and Y. Horiike (Department of Electrical Engineering, Toyo University ; *Manufacturing Technology Division, Fujitsu Ltd. ; **Department of Applied Physics, Tokai University)


SiO2 Etching in C4F8/O2 ECR Plasma

K. Shiozawa, K. Tabaru, T. Maruyama, N. Fujiwara and M. Yoneda (ULSI Laboratory, Mitsubishi Electric Corp.)


An Advanced Planarizing Interlayer Dielectric Using SiH4 and H2O2 Chemistry

M. Matuura, M. Hirayama (ULSI Laboratory, Mitsubishi Electoric Corp.)


Improvement in Hygroscopicity of PE-CVD F-doped SiO2

R. Katsumata, H. Miyajima, Y. Nakasaki and N. Hayasaka (ULSI Research Laboratories, Toshiba Corp.)


Stability After Air Exposure of Fluorine Doped Silicon Oxide Films Prepared by Biased Helicon Plasma CVD

T. Tamura, Y. Inoue, M. Satoh, H. Yoshitaka and J. Sakai (Semiconductor Equipment Division, Anelva Corp.)


A Plasma CVD of SiO2 Films with Water-Blocking Characteristics Using an Alkoxysilane-O2 System

M. Saito, Y. Kudoh*, Y. Honma** (Semiconductor & IC Division, Hitachi Ltd. *Hitachi Electronics Engineering Co. Ltd. ; **Central Research Laboratory., Hitachi Ltd.)


Scaling an SiO2 Deposition Reactor to 300mm Using a High Density ECR Plasma Source

B. Lane, S. Lassig*, W. Harshbarger*, W. Holber** (Plasma Dynamics, *Lam Research Corp., **ASTeX, Inc.)