September 24-25,2009

< Recipient of DPS2009 Nishizawa Award >

Haruhisa Abe

Keizo Suzuki

Development of Large Area Materials Processing Technologies:High Frequency CCPs for Microelectronics to Web Processing of Polymers

Y. Yang, M. Wang, J. Shoeb, M.J. Kushner (Univ. of Michigan)

Effects of Inductively Coupled Plasma and Substrate Control Parameters on 193 nm Photoresist Roughening

M.J. Titus, D.B. Graves (Univ. of California, Berkeley)

Analysis of Plasma-Wall Reactions using Virtual OES Signal during Dielectric Etching

N. Kuboi, M. Fukasawa, A. Kawashima, K. Oshima, K. Nagahata, T. Tatsumi (Sony Corp.)

EEDf of the DC+RF Hybrid and its Effects on Etching Process

L. Chen, L. Xu, M. Funk (Tokyo Electron America, Inc.)

Cylinder Rod Surface Coating using Sputtering Deposition Method with Modulated Magnetic Field

H. Kawasaki, K. Shibahara, T. Ohshima, Y. Yagyu, Y. Suda (Sasebo National College of Technology)

Investigation of the Scalability of TiN Barrier Layer for Advanced Si-Processing

G. Zhang, W.J. Yoo (Sungkyunkwan Univ.)

Chemical Sputtering of Chlorinated GaN

K. Harafuji1, K. Kawamura2 (1Ritsumeikan Univ., 2Tokyo Inst. of Technology)

Effect of Ar/O2 Ion-beam Treatment on the Interfacial Adhesion and Chemical Reaction between Sputter-deposited Cu film and FR-4 Substrate

K.-J. Min1, S.-C. Park1, G.-H. Lee2, K.-W. Lee3, J.-D. Kim3, D.-G. Kim2, Y.-B. Park1 (1Andong National Univ., 2Korea Inst. of Materials Science, 3Amkor Technology Korea Inc.)

Effect of Bonding Temperature and Post-Annealing Conditions on Cu-Cu Bonding Quality for 3-D IC Integration

E.-J. Jang1, J.-W. Kim1, B. Kim2, T. Matthias2, S. Hyun3, H.-J. Lee3, Y.-B. Park1 (1Andong National Univ., 2EV Group, 3Korea Inst. of Machinery & Materials)

Reduction of Fluorinated Al2O3 by Irradiating H2 and O2 Plasmas

K. Miwa, N. Takada, K. Sasaki (Nagoya Univ.)

Chamber Surface Control for Process Stability

Y. Chiba, T. Matsumoto, M. Terahara, H. Kokura, F. Harada, A. Hasegawa (Fujitsu Microelectronics Ltd.)

Effects of Argon Plasma Surface Modification on Peel Strength of Woven Type Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene

C.Y. Huang1, J.Y. Wu1, S.K. Lin1, C.S. Tsai1, K.N. Chen2, J.T. Yeh3 (1Tatung Univ., 2Tamkang Univ., 3National Taiwan Univ. of Science and Technology)

Effect of Surface Roughness on Secondary Electron Emission of Diamond in Ne Plasma

T. Misu, S. Ono, M. Goto, T. Arai (Kanagawa Inst. of Technology)

Investigation of Photoresist Surface Modified Layer by Fluorocarbon Ion Bombardment

T. Takeuchi1, M. Sekine1, H. Toyoda1, K. Takeda1, M. Hori1, S.-Y. Kang1; , I. Sawada2 (1Nagoya Univ., 2Tokyo Electron Ltd.)

Combinatorial Analysis of Plasma-Materials Interactions for Advanced R&D of Future Nano Devices

Y. Setsuhara1,4, K. Cho1,4, K. Takenaka1,4, M. Shiratani2,4, M. Sekine3,4, M. Hori3,4 (1Osaka Univ., 2Kyushu Univ., 3Nagoya Univ., 4JST, CREST)

Preparation and Characteristics of °∆Nafion-like°« Plasma Polymerized Membrane

Z. Jiang1, X. Yu1, Y. Meng1, Z.-J. Jiang1, Y. Shi1, C. Corr2, R. Boswell2, C. Charles2, M. Nagatsu3 (1Chinese Academy of Sciences, 2Australian National Univ., 3Shizuoka Univ.)

Dust Particles Formed owing to Interactions between H2 or D2 Helicon Plasmas and Graphite

H. Miyata, S. Iwashita, Y. Yamada, K. Koga, M. Shiratani (Kyushu Univ.)

Nano-Surface Chemical Bonding States Analysis of Plasma-Exposed Polymers with Hard X-Ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy

Y. Setsuhara1,5, K. Cho1,5, M. Shiratani2,5, M. Sekine3,5, M. Hori3,5, E. Ikeitaga4, O. Nakatsuka3, S. Zaima3 (1Osaka Univ., 2Kyushu Univ., 3Nagoya Univ., 4JASRI, 5JST, CREST)

Modification for Adsorption Property of Active Carbon Surface Preliminarily Treated by Polyvinylalcohol using Microwave Cold Plasma

M. Ueshima1, E. Toda2, Y. Nakajima2, K. Sugiyama1 (1Hachinohe National College of Technology, 2Saitama Univ.)

Inductively Coupled Plasma Reactive Ion Etching of Gallium Indium Zinc Oxide Thin Films in Cl2/Ar Gas Mix

D.Y. Lee, Y.B. Xiao, E.H. Kim, C.W. Chung (Inha Univ.)

Improvement of Surface Roughness in SOI Wafer Fabrication using Cl2-based Neutral Beam Etching

T.H. Min, J.K. Yeon, B.J. Park, S.K. Kang, M.H. Jeon, G.Y. Yeom (Sungkyunkwan Univ.)

FinFET Metal Gate Hi-k Etch for Sub-32nm Technology

G. Kamarthy, G. Lo, I. Orain, Y. Kimura, R. Deshpande, Y. Yamaguchi, C. Lee, L. Braly (Lam Research Corp.)

Atomic-scale Cellular Model and Profile Simulation of Si Etching: Analysis of Profile Anomalies and Microscopic Uniformity

H. Tsuda, M. Mori, K. Eriguchi, K. Ono (Kyoto Univ.)

Metal Gate High-k Etch Challenges and Solutions

G. Kamarthy, I. Orain, Y. Kimura, A. Kabansky, A. Ozzello, L. Braly (Lam Research Corp.)

Large Area Negative Ion Source Based on Matrix ECR Cells for Fast Silicon Etching

E. Stamate1, A. Lacoste2 (1Technical Univ. of Denmark, 2Universite Joseph Fourier)

Lateral Relation of Epitaxial Thin Film with Large Lattice Mismatch on Samples Prepared by YAG Laser Deposition

S. Kaneko1, K. Akiyama1, T. Ito1, M. Yasui1, M. Soga1, Y. Hirabayashi1, H. Funakubo2, M. Yoshimoto2 (1Kanagawa Ind. Tech. Center, 2Tokyo Inst. of Technology)

Estimation of the Branching Ratios of Electron Impact Dissociation of Fluorocarbon Compounds

S.-Y. Kang, I. Sawada (Tokyo Electron Ltd.)

Modeling of Particle Growth in Pulsed PCVD Process for Preparation of High-Quality Thin Films

D.-J. Kim, T.D. Nguyen, K.-S. Kim (Kangwon National Univ.)

Development of High-Density Radio Frequency Plasma Source with Ring-Shaped Hollow Electrode for Dry Processing

Y. Ohtsu, H. Urasaki, T. Misawa, H. Fujita (Saga Univ.)

Investigation of the Inductively Coupled Plasma Source with a Ni-Zn Ferrite Module

G.H. Gweon, K.N. Kim, J.H. Lim, S.P. Hong, G.Y. Yeom (Sungkyunkwan Univ.)

Polyimide Film Etching by an Atmospheric-Pressure ¶ŐPlasma using a 100-µm-φ SUS Pipe

H. Yoshiki (Tsuruoka National College of Technology)

Monitoring of Growth and Removal of Hydrocarbon Thin Films by Optical Reflectance Interference

K. Uehara, M. Shinohara, Y. Matsuda (Nagasaki Univ.)

Thin Film Transistors with Amorphous IGZO Semiconductor Fabricated by DC Magnetron Sputtering

W.-S. Kim, Y.-K. Moon, S. Lee, B.-W. Kang, K.-T. Kim, J.-W. Park (Hanyang Univ.)

Corrosion Properties of CrNTiN Multi-Coating on 316L Stainless Steel for Bipolar Plate in Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cell Application

N.D. Nam, J.S. Song, J.G. Kim (Sungkyunkwan Univ.)

Deposition of a Carbon Nanocomposite Film using Magnetron Sputtering

T. Tsutsumi1, N. Takada1, N. Nafarizal2, K. Sasaki1 (1Nagoya Univ., 2Univ. Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia)

Selective Epitaxial Growth of Silicon for Vertical Diode Application and Its Practical Selectivity

K.-S. Lee1,2, S.-J. Park2, J.-J. Han2, Y.-W. Hyung2, S.-S. Kim2, C.-J. Kang2, J.-T. Moon2, H.-S. Jeong2, B.-D. Choi1 (1Sungkyunkwan Univ, 2Samsung Electronics)

A Improvement Model For a Lower Leakage Current of Oxide-Nitride-Oxide (ONO) Inter-Poly Dielectrics Through Post Plasma Oxidation Treatment

W. Lee1,2, J. Jee1, J. Bok1, Y. Hyung1, S. Kim1, C.-J. Kang1, J.-T. Moon1, K.-S. Kim2, Y. Roh2 (1Samsung Electronics, 2Sungkyunkwan Univ)

Studies on the Characterization of Polystyrene Films Prepared by RF Plasma CVD Process

A.J. Choudhury, J. Chutia (Inst. of Advanced Study in Sci. and Technol.)

Fabrication of Tungsten Oxide Thin Film on the Flexible Substrate using RF Magnetron Sputtering in Ar/O2 Mixture Gas

T. Matsunaga, T. Ohshima, H. Kawasaki, Y. Yagyu, Y. Suda (Sasebo National College of Technology)

Characterization of Double Interfaces System (Si3N4/SiO2/Si and SiO2/Si3N4/Si) Grown by ALD

S.K. Kang1, S.K. Rha1, J.H. Seo1, Y.S. Lee1, W.J. Lee2 (1Hanbat National Univ., 2Sejong Univ.)

Epitaxial Growth of β-FeSi2 Thin Film on SiC by Co-Sputtering of Iron and Silicon

K. Akiyama, S. Kaneko, T. Kadowaki, Y. Hirabayashi (Kanawaga Industrial Technology Center)

Growth of SnO2 Thick Films by Plasma Spray Physical Vapor Deposition

K. Iizuka1, S. Sekiguchi1, K. Nakamura2, M. Kambara1, T. Yoshida1 (1Univ. of Tokyo, 2Uchiya Thermostat Corp.)

Preparation and Characterization of Copper Selenide and Indium Selenide Thin Films by MOCVD

J.H. Yoo1, S.M. Yu1, J.H. Lee1, C.H. Choi2, J.B. Yoo1 (1Sungkyunkwan Univ., 2LG Micron Ltd.)

Pulsed Supermagnetron Plasma CVD of Amorphous Carbon Nitride Films

H. Kinoshita, A. Yamaguchi (Shizuoka Univ.)

Enhancement of the Sidewall Step Coverage of the Sputter-Deposited Film Through the Ideally-Tapered Via

C.G. Kim, W.J. Lee (KAIST)

Fabrication of CuInSe2 Thin Film by Metal-Organic Chemical Vapor Deposition

S.M. Yu1, J.H. Yoo1, J.H. Lee1, C.-H. Choi2, J.-B. Yoo1 (1Sungkyunkwan Univ., 2LG Micron Ltd.)

Effects of NH3 Plasma Pretreatment of Ta Substrate on Copper Seed Layer Formation by PE-ALD

D.-Y. Moon1, T.-S. Kim1, B.M. Kim2, J.H. Kim2, J.-W. Park1 (1Hanyang Univ., 2Hynix)

Effect of N2 Gas Flow Ratio in Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapor Deposition with SiH4-NH3-N2-He Gas Mixture on Stress Relaxation of Silicon Nitride

T. Murata, Y. Miyagawa, M. Matsuura, K. Asai (Renesas Technology Corp.)

Monosilane Dissociation Process in Microwave-Excited High-Density H2/SiH4 Plasma

H. Asano, H. Endo, T. Ishijima, H. Toyoda (Nagoya Univ.)

Porosity Control of Nano-particle Composite Porous Low Dielectric Films using Pulse RF Discharges with Amplitude Modulation

S. Iwashita1, H. Miyata1, K. Koga1, H. Matsuzaki1, M. Shiratani1, M. Akiyama2 (1Kyushu Univ., 2AIST)

Pressure and Aspect Ratio Dependence of Deposition Profile of Carbon Films on Trench Substrates Deposited by Plasma CVD

T. Nomura1, Y. Korenaga1, J. Umetsu1, H. Matsuzaki1, K. Koga1,4, M. Shiratani1,4, Y. Setsuhara2,4, M. Sekine3,4, M. Hori3,4 (1Kyushu Univ., 2Osaka Univ., 3Nagoya Univ., 4JST, CREST)

Characterics of Preparation Metallic Nanodot by Organ-Metal Solution with Burning Method

I. Muramoto1, S. Aoqui1, H. Kawasaki2, T. Oosima2, T. Uematsu3 (1Sojo Univ., 2Sasebo National College of Technology, 3Tokyo Metropolitan Industrial Technology Research Inst.)

Growth of TiO2 Thin Films on Polypropylene Particles by PCVD Process

H.C. Pham, D.-J. Kim, K.-S. Kim (Kangwon National Univ.)

Synthesis of Si Nanoparticles for Multiple Exciton Generation Solar Cells using Multi-Hollow Discharge Plasma CVD

Y. Kawashima1, H. Sato1, K. Koga1, M. Shiratani1, M. Kondo2 (1Kyushu Univ.,2AIST)

Plasma-Enhanced ALD Oxide Film by Microwave RLSA

Y. Osawa, H. Ueda, M. Horigome, Y. Tanaka, T. Nozawa (Tokyo Electron Technology Development Inst. Inc.)

Growth of Ultrananocrystalline Diamond/Amorphous Carbon Composite Films using a Coaxial Arc Plasma Gun

K. Hanada1, T. Yoshitake1, Y. Nakagawa1, T. Yoshida1, R. Ohtani2, H. Setoyama2, E. Kobayashi2, K. Sumitani2, T. Okajima2, K. Nagayama1 (1Kyushu Univ., 2Saga-LS)

Measurements of Surface Temperature of a-Si:H Films in Silane Multi-Hollow Discharges with IR Thermometer

H. Sato, Y. Kawashima, K. Nakahara, K. Koga, M. Shiratani (Kyushu Univ.)

Time-Resolved Optical Observation of Plasma Process in Ultrananocrystalline Diamond/Amorphous Carbon Composite Films Deposition with a Coaxial Arc Plasma Gun

K. Hanada, T. Nishiyama, T. Yoshitake, K. Nagayama (Kyushu Univ.)

Oxygen Gas Barrier Properties Related with Structure of Hydrogenated Amorphous Carbon Films by ICP-CVD

S.-M. Baek, T. Shirafuji, S.-P. Cho, N. Saito, O. Takai (Nagoya Univ.)

Vacuum Ultraviolet Plasma Emission in a Dielectric Etch Reactor

E.A. Hudson1, M. Moravej1, M. Block1, S. Sirard1, D. Wei1, K. Takeshita1, B. Jinnai2, S. Samukawa2 (1Lam Research Corp, 2Tohoku Univ.)

Nanoprocessing with Cluster Beams°ĹChallenges and Opportunities

J. Matsuo (Kyoto University, CREST)

Determination of Precursors for Nitriding Silicon Surface using Inductively-Coupled Nitrogen Plasma

J. Matsuo (Kyoto University, CREST)

Optical and Electrical Characterization of H2 Plasma-Damaged Si Surface Structures and its Impact on In-line Monitoring

Y. Nakakubo1, A. Matsuda1, M. Fukasawa2, Y. Takao1, T. Tatsumi2, K. Eriguchi1, K. Ono1 (1Kyoto Univ., 2Sony Corp.)

Low Damage Resist Strip for Porous SiOCH using 100 MHz / 13.56 MHz DFS CCP

T. Imamura, K. Yamamoto, K. Sato, K. Kurihara, H. Hayashi, T. Ohiwa (Toshiba Corp.)

< DPS2009 Young Researcher Award Winner >

In-situ Evaluation of H2 Plasma Damage on Porous SiOCH Low-k Films

H. Yamamoto1, K. Takeda1, M. Sekine1, M. Hori1, T. Kaminatsui2, K. Yamamoto2, H. Hayashi2, I. Sakai2, T. Ohiwa2 (1Nagoya Univ., 2Toshiba Corp.)

Wiggling of Porous Dielectric Lines for Advanced Technological Node: from Simulation to Experiment

J. Ducote1, T. David2, N. Posseme2, T. Chevolleau3, F. Bailly1, A. Ostrovsky1, M. Guillermet2, C. Verove1, J.C. Barbe2, R.L. Inglebert4, O. Joubert4 (1STMicroelectronics, 2CEA-LETI-Minatec, 3CNRS-LTM, 4CNRS-LTM)

Mechanism of Surface Roughening during Porous SiOCH Etching in Fluorocarbon Based Plasmas

F. Bailly1, T. David2, T. Chevolleau3, N. Posseme2, O. Joubert2, C. Cardinaud3 (1STMicroelectronics, 2CEA, 3CNRS)

New Approach of Etching Analysis based on Internal Parameters in Combinatorial Plasma Process

C.S. Moon1, K. Takeda1, M. Sekine1,2, Y. Setsuhara2,3, M. Shiratani2,4, M. Hori1,2 (1Nagoya Univ., 2CREST, 3Osaka Univ., 4Kyushu Univ.)

TiO2 Etching by Atomic Layer Etching with BCl3 Gas and Ar Neutral Beam

Y.Y. Kim1, W.S. Lim1,2, B.J. Park1, G.Y. Yeom1 (1Sungkunkwan Univ., 2SAINT)

Modification of Porous SiOCH Trench Sidewalls Induced by Reducing and Oxidizing Post Etching Plasma Treatments

R. Bouyssou1, T. Chevolleau1, N. Posseme2, C. Licitra2, T. David2, A. Ostrovsky3, C. Verove3, O. Joubert1 (1CNRS-LTM, 2CEA-LETI, 3STM)

Use of RLSA Plasma and HBr Process to Achieve Zero CD-Bias and Pattern Density Independent Multi-layer Mask Etching

T. Ozu, M. Sasaki, T. Nozawa (Tokyo Electron Development Inst.)

Etch Selectivity and Line Edge Roughness during Etching of Hard-Mask Layer with Patterned Extreme Ultra-Violet Resist in Dual-Frequency Capacitively Coupled Plasmas

B.S. Kwon1, C.R. Jung1, W. Heo1, J.S. Park1, N.-E. Lee1, S.K. Lee2 (1Sungkyunkwan Univ., 2Hynix Semiconductor)

Damage-free Resist Ashing on Low-k Film Using Dual Frequency Capacitively Coupled Ar/O2 Plasma

Y. Miyawaki, K. Takeda, M. Sekine, M. Hori (Nagoya Univ.)

Collective Laser Thomson Scattering Diagnostics of Laser Produced Plasmas for EUV Light Sources

K. Tomita, Y. Hyakuta, K. Ohara, K. Uchino (Kyushu Univ.)

Application of a Grad-T Type Thermal Probe to the Discharge Plasma

H. Matsuura1, K. Nakano1, S. Kado2 (1Osaka Prefecture Univ., 2Univ. of Tokyo)

Absorption Measurement of Metal Atom Density in ICP Assisted Sputter-Deposition of Al-doped ZnO Thin Films

T. Iwata, R. Shindo, M. Shinohara, Y. Matsuda (Nagasaki Univ.)

Emission Spectroscopy of Atmospheric Microplasma for Biomedical Application

M. Blajan, T. Ishii, M. Yamada, K. Shimizu (Shizuoka Univ.)

Temporal Variation of Hydrogen Atom Spectrum Emitted from Pulsed Microwave Plasma under Atmospheric Pressure

H. Yang, T. Ishijima, H. Toyoda (Nagoya Univ.)

Etching Characteristics and Mechanism of Ga-Doped ZnO Thin Films in Inductively Coupled HBr/Ar/CHF3 Plasma

Y.-H. Ham1, A. Efremov2, H.-W. Lee3, S.J. Yun4, N.K. Min1, K.-H. Kwon1 (1Korea Univ. , 2State Univ. of Chemistry & Technology , 3Hanseo Univ., 4Electronica and Telecommunications Research Inst.)

Model-Based Analysis of the Y2O3 Etching Mechanism in Inductively Coupled BCl3/Ar and Cl2/Ar Plasmas

M.-K. Kim1, A. Efremov2, H.W. Lee3, N.K. Min1, H.-H. Park4, K.-H. Kwon1 (1Korea Univ., 2State Univ. of Chemistry & Technology, 3Hanseo Univ., 4Yonsei Univ. )

Mircrowave Resonance Probes for Diagnostics of High Pressure Plasmas

K. Nakamura, J. Xu, Q. Zhang, H. Sugai (Chubu Univ.)

Measurements of Electron Density in SiH4+H2 Multi-Hollow Discharges using a Frequency Shift Probe

K. Nakahara, Y. Kawashima, H. Sato, K. Koga, M. Shiratani (Kyushu Univ.)

Laser Thomson Scattering Studies of Pulse Filament Discharges

K. Tomita, Y. Yamagata, K. Uchino (Kyushu Univ.)

Hybrid White Organic Light-Emitting Diodes for Reduced Efficiency Roll-off

J.H. Seo1, J.S. Park1, J.R. Koo1, B.M. Seo1, K.H. Lee2, J.K. Park2, S.S. Yoon2, Y.K. Kim1 (1Hongik Univ., 2Sungkyunkwan Univ.)

Modified Julolidine-Containing Emitters for Red Organic Light-Emitting Diodes

M.H. Park1, K.H. Lee1, S.M. Kim1, Y.K. Kim2, S.S. Yoon1 (1Sungkyunkwan Univ., 2Hongik Univ.)

Amorphous Indium-Gallium-Zinc-Oxide Thin Film Transistor Fabricated on Plasma Treated Silicon Nitride

Y.-K. Moon, W.-S. Kim, B.-W. Kang, S. Lee, J.-W. Park (Hanyang Univ.)

Basic Study of Surface Treatment at Low Discharge Voltage by Atmospheric Microplasma

K. Shimizu, A. Umeda, M. Blajan (Shizuoka Univ.)

Color Stability and High Efficiency White Phosphorescent Organic Light-Emitting Diodes with Proper Position of Phosphorescent Red Emitter

J.S. Park1, J.H. Seo1, J.R. Koo1, B.M. Seo1, K.H. Lee2, J.K. Park2, S.S. Yoon2, Y.K. Kim1 (1Hongik Univ., 2Sungkyunkwan Univ.)

Improvement of CVD SiO2 by SPA Plasma Treatment

T. Shiozawa, D. Katayama, D. Tamura, Y. Kabe, T. Kobayashi, Y. Sato, Y. Hirota, N. Yamamoto (Tokyo Electron AT Ltd.)

5-P26 Green Phosphorescent Organic Light-Emitting Diodes with Simplified Device Architecture

J.H. Seo, Y.Y. Jin, E.Y. Choi, H.M. Kim, J.H. Kim, Y.K. Kim (Hongik Univ.)

Highly Efficient Phosphorescent OLEDs using Red Emitting Ir(III) Complexes with Acetylated Phenylpyridine Ligands

K.H. Lee1, H.J. Kang1, J.K. Park1, S.J. Lee2, J.H. Seo2, Y.K. Kim2, S.S. Yoon2 (1Sungkyunkwan Univ., 2Hongik Univ.)

Titanium Oxide Thin Films Prepared by Plasma Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition using Remote ECR Plasma for OLED Devices

B.-W. Kang, W.-S. Kim, D.-Y. Moon, J.-G. Park, J.-W. Park (Hanyang Univ.)

Efficient Solution-Processed Small Molecular Green Phosphorescent Organic Light-Emitting Diodes by Mixed the Polymer Host

Y.Y. Jin1, J.H. Seo1, H.M. Kim1, E.Y. Choi1, J.H. Kim1, J.-T. Je2, Y.K. Kim1 (1Hongik Univ., 2SFC Co.,Ltd.)

Synthesis and Electroluminescent Properties of Blue Fluorescent Bis(diarylaminophenyl)bianthryls for OLEDs

J.N. You1, K.H. Lee1, W.C. Lee1, J.S. Park2, J.H. Seo2, Y.K. Kim2, S.S. Yoon1 (1Sungkyunkwan Univ.,2Hongik Univ.)

Interaction of Hydrogen Plasma with Nanodispersed Iron-Carbon Composites

A.A. Savitsky1, V.B. Drozdovich2, V.V. Pan°«kov1, V.V. Zhylinski2, S.A. Zhdanok3 (1Belarusian State Univ., 2Belarusian State Technological Univ., 3State Insitution)

Synthesis and Electroluminescence of an Ir-Complex with a Phosphino-benzoimidazole

D.H. Trinh1, G.-C. Choi2, Y.-S. Kwon2, B.-J. Lee1 (1Inje Univ., 2Dong A Univ.)

Effect of RF Plasma on Reduction of Allergen Substance

Y. Yagyu1, N. Hayashi2, H. Kawasaki1, T. Ohshima1, Y. Suda1 (1Sasebo NCT., 2Saga Univ.)

Decomposition of Second Order Structure of Proteins Using RF Oxygen Plasma

N. Hayashi, S. Kitazaki, R. Kawaguchi, L. Hao, M. Goto (Saga Univ.)

Sterilization of Tube Inner Surface using Oxygen and Water Vapor Plasmas

S. Kitazaki, N. Hayashi (Saga Univ.)

Composition and Crystalline Properties of TiNi Thin Films Prepared by PLD under Vacuum and in Ambient Ar Gas

J.O. Cha1, I.H. Joong2, J. Sakai2, T.H. Nam3, J.S. Ahn1 (1Kyung Hee Univ., 2Japan Advanced Inst. of Science and Technology,3Gyeong Sang National Univ.))

Improved Light Extraction Efficiency of GaN-Based Light Emitting Diodes using Al Doped ZnO Current Spreading Layers

B.H. Kong1, W.S. Han1, C.H. Woo1, Y.S. Bae1, H.K. Cho1, M.Y. Kim2, R.J. Choi2 (1Sungkyunkwan Univ., 2Samsung Electro-Mechanics Co.)

Ar / H2 Plasma Cleaning Effect on Electroless Ni Plating for Micro-Bump Formation

A. Ikeda1, K. Kajiwara1, N. Watanabe2, T. Asano1 (1Kyushu Univ., 2Fukuoka Industry, Science and Technology Foundation)

Electrochemical Characterization of O2 Plasma Functionalized MWCNT Electrode for L. Pneumophila DNA Sensor

E.J. Park, J.-Y. Lee, J.H. Kim, C.J. Lee, N.K. Min (Korea Univ.)

Synthesis of Carbon Nanoflakes by Radio-Frequency Sputtering and Their Field Emission Characteristics

W.-C. Shih1, J.-M. Jeng1, C.-W. Tsou1, J.-T. Lo2, H.-C. Chen3, I.-N. Lin3 (1Tatung Univ., 2Tatung Company, 3TamKang Univ.)

Enhancement Mechanisms of the Color Purity in Deep Blue Organic Light-Emitting Devices Fabricated Utilizing an Emitting Layer Containing Mixed Fluorescence and Phosphorescence Host Materials

H.S. Bang1, D.C. Choo1, T.W. Kim1, J.H. Seo2, Y.K. Kim2 (1Hanyang Univ., 2Hong-ik Univ.)

Electro-Optical Characteristics of a Pulse Driven Micro-Electrical Discharge Machining for Drilling of Hybrid CNT/Al2O3 Nanocomposites

C.-S. Ha1, D.-H. Kim1, H.-J. Lee1, H.J. Lee1, D.-Y. Lee2, H.-S. Tak1, M.C. Kang1 (1Pusan National Univ., 2Applied Carbone Nano Technology Co., LTD.)

TOC Evaluation of Organic Solute Treated by Microwave-Excited Bubble Plasma

R. Saito, H. Sugiura, T. Ishijima, H. Toyoda (Nagoya Univ.)

Beveling of Silicon Carbide Wafer by Plasma Etching Using Atmospheric-Pressure Plasma

Y. Sano, T. Kato, K. Yamamura, H. Mimura, S. Matsuyama, K. Yamauchi (Osaka Univ.)

Improvement of Thickness Uniformity of SOI Layer by Numerically Controlled Sacrificial Oxidation using Atmospheric-Pressure Plasma with Electrode Array System

S. Kamisaka, Y. Sano, H. Mimura, S. Matsuyama, K. Yamauchi (Osaka Univ. )

DBD Plasma Produced in a Closed Container Used for Bacterial Inactivation

A.S. Chiper1, W. Chen2, O. Mejlholm2, P. Dalgaard2, E. Stamate2 (1Al. I. Cuza Univ., 2Technical Univ. of Denmark)

Effect of the Pulse Modulation Frequency on Silicon Etching using an Atmospheric-Pressure ICP Microjet

S. Tajima1, S. Tsuchiya1, T. Ichiki1,2,3 (1Univ of Tokyo, 2Univ. of Tokyo-CNBI, 3JST-CREST)

Melt-Molding of Uniaxially-Oriented Crystal Domains onto a Substrate

T. Yamao, K. Juri, T. Sakaguchi, H. Kuriki, A. Kamoi, S. Hotta (Kyoto Inst. Tech.)

Atomic Scale Etch Depth Control of III-V Compound Materials using Atomic Layer Etching

W.S. Lim1,2, Y.Y. Kim2, B.J. Park2, G.Y. Yeom1,2 (1SAINT, 2Sungkyunkwan Univ.)

Analysis of Non-Thermal Plasma Deposited Zinc Oxide Thin Film

M.R. Mansur, O.V. Penkov, V.Y. Plaksin, J.S. Beom, J.H. Kim, H.-J. Lee (Jeju National Univ.)

Selective Growth Process and Formation Mechanism of Biexcitonic Zinc Dimmers

K. Obara, M. Hamasaki, M. Obara, M. Yamaguchi, M. Kuwayama, J. Kawabata, H. Manaka (Kagoshima Univ.)

Thick Gate Oxide Integrity Degradation in Lithography and Wet Cleaning Process

H.-F. Su, A.-C. Wei, N.-T. Lian, T. Yang, K.-C. Chen, C.-Y. Lu (Macronix International Company, Ltd.)

Effect of Temperature/Humidity Treatment Conditions on Interfacial Adhesion Energy between Electroless-plated Ni and Polyimide

S.-C. Park1, K.-J. Min1, K.-H. Lee2, Y. Jeong2, Y.-B. Park1 (1Andong National Univ., 2Korea Inst. of Materials Science)

Three-Dimensional Integration Technology Using Self-Assembly Technique

M. Koyanagi (Tohoku Univ.)

Role of Radical Reaction in Non-Bosch TSV Etching

T. Maruyama1, T. Narukage2, R. Onuki1, K. Yonekura1, N. Fujiwara1 (1Renesas Technology Corp., 2Renesas Semiconductor Engineering Corp.)

Dry-Etch Fin Patterning on SOI: Transition from 32 to 22 nm Node on a 6T-SRAM Cell

E. Altamirano-Sanchez, M. Ercken, A. Veloso, M. Demand, W. Boullart (IMEC)

Advanced Gate Dimension Control for R2R Loop Implementation in an Industrial Environment

L. Babaud1,2, P. Gouraud1, E. Pargon2, O. Joubert2 (1ST Microelectronics, 2LTM,CNRS)

Multi-layer Stacking Technology using Direct Connection between TSV and Bump

N. Miyakawa, E. Hashimoto, T. Maebashi, N. Nakamura, Y. Sacho, S. Nakayama, S. Toyoda (Honda Research Inst. Japan Co., Ltd.)

Analyses of Surface Reaction on Cellulose and Gycine Treated in Atmospheric Microwave-Excited Plasmas for Elucidating the Mechanism of Sterilization

S. Yoshida1, T. Ogawa1, T. Fukuda1, K. Takahashi1, T. Urayama2, S. Aoki3 (1Kyoto Inst. Tech.,2Adtec Europe, 3Adtec Plasma Tech.)

Growth of the SiN Nanoparticles by using Plasma Etching and the Application for the Solar Cells

C. Yang1, S.-H. Ryu1, W.-J. Yoo1, Y.-J. Park2, J.M. Kim2 (1Sungkyunkwan Univ., SAINT, 2Samsung Advanced Inst. of Technology)

Etching Magnetic Tunnel Junction with Metal Etchers

K. Kinoshita, H. Utsumi, K. Suemitsu, H. Hada, T. Sugibayashi (NEC Corp.)

< DPS2009 Young Researcher Award Winner >

Formation of Cobalt and Cobalt-Slicide Nanodots on ultrathin SiO2 Induced by Remote Hydrogen Plasma

A. Kawanami, K. Makihara, M. Ikeda, S. Miyazaki (Hiroshima Univ.)

Innovative Technologies for New Semiconductor Era

C.-J. Kang, Y.-J. Kim, K.-S. Shin (Samsung Electronics CO., LTD)

Three-dimensional Modeling of Plasma Processing Equipment

S. Rauf, J. Kenney, Z. Chen, K. Collins (Applied Materials, Inc.)

Tilting Control at Wafer Edge by Biasing to Focus Ring in UHF-ECR Dielectric Etching Apparatus

K. Maeda1, K. Yokogawa1, T. Ichino2, T. Tamura2, K. Hirozane2, T. Kanekiyo2, M. Izawa1 (1Hitachi Ltd., 2Hitachi High-Technologies)

Fine Ion Energy Control for Sub-32 nm Node Device RIE using Pulsed-DC Superimposed 100 MHz rf CCP

H. Hayashi1, A. Ui1, T. Kaminatsui1, K. Yamamoto1, K. Kikutani1, I. Sakai1, T. Ohiwa2 (1Toshiba Corp., 2Toshiba Corp.)

Formation of High Quality SiO2 and SiO2/Si Interface using Thermal Plasma Jet Induced Millisecond Annealing and Post-Metallization Annealing

Y. Hiroshige, S. Higashi, K. Matsumoto, S. Miyazaki (Hiroshima Univ.)

Linewidth Roughness Transfer during Gate Stack Patterning with Amorphous Carbon Mask: Impact of Cure and Trim Processes

E. Pargon1, L. Azarnouche2, M. Martin1, O. Luere1, K. Menguelti1, P. Gouraud2, O. Joubert1 (1LTM/CNRS, 2STMicroelectronics)

Investigation of Mask Distortion during Trimming

N. Kofuji1, H. Miura2 (1Hitachi, Ltd., 2Tohoku Univ.)

< DPS2009 Best Paper Award Winner >

Threshold Voltage Instability Induced by Plasma Process Damage in Advanced MOSFETs

K. Eriguchi, Y. Nakakubo, A. Matsuda, M. Kamei, Y. Takao, K. Ono (Kyoto Univ.)