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Society activity

2003/4~2008/2 Surface science of Japan (Hyomen kagaku) Editorial committee
2004/4~2005/7 Electrochemical society of Japan (Denki-kagaku-kai) Electronic material commitee (Densi-zairyo-iinkai)

2010/3~2013/3 3rd-6th International conference on plasma nanotechnology and science (IC-PLANTS) Executive committee
★2012/3 5th IC-PLANTS 2012 Executive committee chair

2010/8~ 4th International symposium on advanced plasma science and its applications for nitride semiconductor and nanomaterials/International conference on plasma nanotechnology and science (ISPlasma/IC-PLANTS) Program committee
2010/8~ ISPlasma Publication committee
2017/4~ ISPlasma Organizing committee
★2018/3 10th ISPlasma Program committee chair

2010~ International conference on reactive plasmas (ICRP) Publication committee

2010/4~ International symposium on dry process (DPS) Program committee and publication committee
2010/4~ DPS Organizing committee
★2016/11 38th DPS Publication committee chair
★2018/11 40th anniversary DPS ad hoc committee chair

2012/10 1th APCPST (Asia Pacific Conference on Plasma Science and Technology) Executive committee

2013/4~ Annual meeting of Material Research Society of Japan (MRS-J) Organizer
★2015/12 25th MRS-J Organizer

2015/3 2nd International workshop on plasma cancer therapy (IWPCT) Executive committee

2017/3 2nd international workshop on plasma agriculture (IWOPA) Executive committee

2019/3~ Journal of "Coatings" Special Issue "Plasma Surface Engineering" Guest editor web

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