A list of the Plasma Global Forum, all lectures were invited.

14th --- January 6, 2024 Hybrid

Plasma seed treatments and agricultural developments

Organizer: Kenji Ishikawa

13th --- October 15-18, 2023

Global Plasma Forum in AOMORI

Organizer: Noriyasu Ohno, Masayuki Yokoyama, and Kenji Ishikawa

12th --- March 26, 2023

Lectures on Global plasma forum

Lecturer(s): Masaru Hori, Masaharu Shiratani, Kazuo Terashima, Thi-Thuy-Nga Nguyen

11th --- October 31, 2022 Online webinar

Organizer: Kenji Ishikawa, and Kazunori Koga

10th --- September 8, 2022 Onsite (Sakata-Hirata hall) and Online webinar

Organizer: Hirotaka Toyoda

14:00-15:00 (JST) (Invited Talk)

  • Uwe Czarnetzki (Prof. , Ruhr-University Bochum)
    • "Current research at the Institute of Plasma and Atomic Physics at RUB"

15:00-15:25 (JST)

  • Hirotaka Toyoda (Prof. , Nagoya University)
    • "Angular distribution measurement of high energy species impinging on RF-biased electrode of a capacitively-coupled plasma source"

15:25-15:50 (JST)

  • Noriyasu Ohno (Prof. , Nagoya University)
    • "Spatio-Temporal Structure of Detached Recombining Plasma and Its Application"

9th --- July 20, 2022 Online webinar

Organizer: Hiromasa Tanaka

  • Magdaleno Vasquez (Prof. , University of the Philippines – Diliman, Philippines)
    • Extraction and Transport of Low-Energy Charged Particles and their Applications.
  • Airah Peraro OSONIO (University of Nagoya, Japan)
    • Area-selective Plasma-enhanced Atomic Layer Etching of silicon dioxide using silane coupling agent.
  • Ma. Shanlene Dela Cruz DELA VEGA (University of Nagoya, Japan)
    • In-liquid Plasma Synthesis of Carbon-based Materials on Ethanol-Immersed Metal Surfaces
  • Endre Szili (University of South Australia, Australia)
    • [Tutorial] Opportunity to strengthen Asia-Pacific collaborations in plasma medicine: focus on plasma activated solutions for disinfection and cancer treatment
  • Jayaprasad Swathy (Vellore Institute of Technology, India)
    • Investigation on the room temperature Magnetocaloric properties in Ni-Mn-Sn

8th --- February 1, 2022 Online webinar

Organizer: Hiroki Kondo

  • Fumihiro Inoue (Yokohama National University)
    • Research trends in 3D semiconductor interconnect technology
  • Mitsuhiro Oomura (KIOXIA Corporation)
    • Challenges in high-aspect-ratio etching process for 3D flash memory ~Striation formation mechanism
  • Bibhuti Bhusan Sahu (Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Delhi, India)
    • Study of electron behavior using laser photodetachment and dual-frequency compensated Langmuir probe in pulsed plasma etching processes
  • Hakaru Mizoguchi (Gigaphoton)
    • Progress of DUV・EUV Light Source and its Extension to Leading Edge Semiconductor Manufacturing
  • Tim Tanaka (SCREEN Semiconductor Solutions Co., Ltd.)
    • Basic and advanced wet cleaning process for semiconductor manufacturing

7th --- August 30, 2021 Online webinar

Organizer: Michihiro Mochida, and Kenji Ishikawa

  • Manabu Shiraiwa (UC Irvine)
    • Formation of reactive oxygen species from atmospheric aerosol particles
  • Shinnosuke Ishizuka (Nagoya U YLC)
    • Acid-catalyzed oligomerization at the air-water interface
  • Tetsuya Hama (U Tokyo)
    • Release of hydroxyl radicals from photodissociation of liquid hydrophobic organics
  • Takashi Kondo (Toyama U)
    • Free radical formation induced by radiation, ultrasound and cold-atmospheric plasma and its biological implications
  • Shota Sasaki (Tohoku U)
    • Selective synthesis of dinitrogen pentoxide using plasma and its biological effects
  • Camelia Miron (Nagoya U)
    • Plasma-activated organics in plasma-treated solutions

6th --- May 28 (Fri), 2021 Online webinar

Organizer: Hiromasa Tanaka

  • Katharina Stapelmann (North Carolina State University, USA)
    • Plasma-liquid chemistry in the presence of organic matter
  • Dayun Yan (The George Washington University, USA)
    • Physical effect of cold atmospheric plasma on cancer cells.
  • Takamasa Okumura (Kyushu University, Japan)
    • Phytohormone metabolism modification in seeds irradiated with non-thermal plasma
  • Shinsuke Ohnuki (University of Tokyo, Japan)
    • Yeast morphological profiling for target prediction of bioactive compounds
  • Kae Nakamura (Nagoya University, Japan)
    • The effect of aqueous plasma in ovarian cancer cells and its applicability for cancer therapy.

5th --- Jan 12 (Tue), 2021 Online webinar

Organizer: Hiromasa Tanaka

  • Camelia Miron (Nagoya University, Japan)
    • Physicochemical investigation of plasma activated liquids for cancer treatment
  • Kaushik Nagendra (Kwangwoon University, Republic of Korea)
    • Plasma medicine applications: Past present and future
  • Shinji Yoshimura (National Institute for Fusion Science, Japan)
    • Temperature-controllable plasma jet for fission yeast experiments
  • Pietro Favia (University of Bari, Italy)
    • Biomedical applications of plasmas
  • Valeria Veronico (University of Bari, Italy)
    • Biomedical applications of plasma-treated water solutions
  • Hirofumi Kurita (Toyohashi University of Technology, Japan)
    • Damage to nucleic acids and cellular responses to cold atmospheric plasma

4th --- November 19 , 2020 Online webinar

  • Koji Urabe (Micron)
    • Semiconductor processing technologies

3rd --- November 10 (Wed), 2020 Online webinar

  • Shin Kajita (Nagoya University, Japan)
    • Nanostructure growth on various metals by helium plasma irradiation
  • Takashi Itoh (Gifu University, Japan)
    • Improvement of wettability on Carbon nanowall by oxygen plasma treatment
  • Vincenza Armenise (Università degli Studi di Bari, Italy)
    • Atmospheric pressure non-equilibrium plasma processes for environmental applications
  • Giichiro Uchida (Meijo University, Japan)
    • Morphological control of nanostructured Ge films in plasma sputtering process for Li ion batteries
  • Tsanko Tsankov (Ruhr-Universität Bochum, Germany)
    • INCA: A low pressure plasma source scalable to large areas

2nd --- August 21 (Fri), 2020 Online

  • Yosuke SATO (Toshiba Corporation)
    • Study on low-temperature atmospheric pressure plasma towards elucidation of gas decomposition process
  • Yoichiro SATO (AGC Corporation)
    • Study of through glass via formation by laser and its applications
  • Bibhuti Bhusan SAHU (Nagoya University)
    • Radio frequency compensated Langmuir probe in dual radio frequency plasmas with passive tunable filter circuit
  • Nikolay BRITUN (Nagoya University)
    • Ground state NO radical production in a spark/glow flowing gas discharge studied by laser spectroscopy

1st --- February 20 (Thu), 2020 at Ideastoa @ NIC, Nagoya University, Japan

  • Thi-Thuy-Nga NGUYEN (Nagoya University)
    • Remote generation of high-density atmospheric pressure inductively coupled plasma
  • Frank Wilson AMALRAJ (Nagoya University)
    • Novel epitaxial growth method for nitride materials using radical-enhanced metalorganic chemical vapor deposition (REMOCVD)
  • Vladislav GAMALEEV (Nagoya University)
    • Generation, diagnostics and applications of ambient air glow discharges
  • Airah P. OSONIO (University of St. La Salle)
    • Radio-frequency plasma reduction of silver ions impregnated into a natural zeolite framework
  • Ma. Shanlene D. C DELA VEGA (University of Philippine)
    • Reinforcing Effects of Plasma-functionalized multilayered graphene in cement composites

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