Past meetings


December 15-17, 2017
10th Asia-Pacific International Symposium on the Basics and Applications of Plasma Technology (APSPT-10), Taiwan. web Dr Ishikawa had an invited oral presentation.
December 15, 2017
東海工学教育協会地区大会 於:名古屋大学ES総合館1階会議室 [in Japanese] Dr Ishikawa had a talk of 「医療・バイオ応用プラズマ医農工連携研究と教育」
December 5-7, 2017
27th Materials Research Society of Japan (MRS-J), Frontier of Nano-Materials Based on Advanced Plasma Technologies, held at Yokohama, Japan. web Dr Ishikawa had an oral presentation of "Intracellular responses during incubation in plasma-activated cell culture medium (PAM)" at 15:00 on Dec. 5, 2017.
December 4-7, 2017
(not attend) 82nd IUVSTA Workshop on Plasma-based Atomic Layer Processes web and 10th EU-Japan Joint Symposium on Plasma Processing web, held at Okinawa, Japan.
December 1, 2017
Dr Uros Cvelvar had a lecture of "Habitats of the future" 13:00-14:00 at the 071 lecture room at IB, Nagoya University.
October 30, 2017
Dr David Barry Graves had a lecture of "Plasma-Surface Interactions and Plasma Biomedicine" 10:10-11:30 at the 3rd floor, seminar room at VBL, Nagoya University.
November 21-24, 2017
3rd Plasma Conference (PLASMA 2017) to be held at Himeji, Hyogo, Japan. web Dr Ishikawa had an invited talk entitled "Challenges of Plasma Medicine for Future Health and Longevity Society" in the session "Symposium 10: Latest Researches and Future Prospects on Advanced Plasma Science for Materials Challenging to Unexplored Technologies" chaired by Prof Dr Masaaki Nagatsu, on 16:15-18:45 November 23.
November 16-17, 2017
39th International Symposium on Dry Process (DPS) was held at Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo, Japan. web Dr Ishikawa had an oral presentation G-3, entitled " Plasma-induced reactions and damage reductions in High temperature chlorine plasma etching of GaN" at 17:40-18:00 on November 17, 2017.
November 6-10, 2017
(not attend) 70th Annual Gaseous Electronics Conference (GEC), Pittsburgh, PA, USA. web Dr Takeda had an oral presentation of "Effects of gas-phase reactive species on generation of hydrogen peroxide and nitrite ion in plasma-activated medium" at 8:30 on Tuesday, November 7, 2017.
October 29-November 03, 2017
AVS 64th International Symposium and Exhibition, Tampa, Florida, USA. web Dr Ishikawa had an oral presentation entitled "Multiplex Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering (CARS) Observations of HeLa Cells Cultured in Non-equilibrium Atmospheric Pressure-Plasma-Activated Medium (PAM)" PB+BI+PS-TuM5 at 9:20 AM on Oct. 31, 2017.
October 23, 2017
Dr Metelmann had a lecture of "Treating cancer with cold physical plasma – on the way to evidence based medicine" 16:00-19:00 at NIC Ideastoa, Nagoya University.
October 22-24, 2017
(not attend) The 21st International Conference on Miniaturized Systems for Chemistry and Life Sciences (MicroTAS 2017) to be held at Savannah International Trade & Convention Center 1 International Drive Savannah, Georgia 31402 USA. web Dr Onoshima had a poster presentation T073d entitled "Cell deposition and isolation with micropipette control over liquid interface motion in microfluidic channel". Mr Kuboyama had a poster presentation W105e entitled "Leukocyte depletion and size-based enrichment of circulating tumor cells with pressure-sensing microfiltration system".
October 20, 2017
金三会 於:名古屋大学VBLホール
October 19, 2017
プラズマバイオ研究会(非公開) 於:NINS
October 17, 2017
学術振興会131委員会(非公開) 於:名古屋大学
October 15-18, 2017
(not attend) Taiwan Association for Coating and Thin Film Technology (TACT) web Dr Masaru Hori had an invited talk "An Utrahigh Rate Synthesis of Nanographenes Employing a Triple Phase Plasma" B-I-0338 at 13:15-13:35 on Oct. 16, 2017.
October 18-20, 2017
Advanced Metallization Conference 2017 27th Asian Session (ADMETA) web 於:東大
October 12, 2017
日経エレクトロニクス・日経BPセミナー「材料・医療・農業を革新するプラズマ最新技術」 於:ホテル ルブラ王山 web, web
October 1-6, 2017
(not attend) 232nd Electrochemical Society (ECS) Meeting, Electronic Materials and Processing, held at MD, USA. (web) Dr Shinoda had an invited presentation No. 1084 entitled "Thermal Cyclic Atomic-Level Etching of Nitride Films: A Novel Way for Atomic-Scale Nanofabrication". link
September 24-28, 2017
(not attend) 18th Laser Aided Plasma Diagnostics (LAPD18) held at Hotel DUO in Prague, Czech Republic. web
September 15-16, 2017
第34回日本ハイパーサーミヤ学会 於:京都テレサ [in Japanese] web
September 13, 2017
平成29年度実践セミナー 『エッチング実践セミナー』 於:産業技術総合研究所 つくば中央第2事業所 2−12棟 第6会議室 (in Japanese) web Dr Ishikawa had a lecture of "GaNデバイス材料のエッチング(ストイキオメトリーの精密制御)" on 14:20-15:00
September 11-15, 2017
(not attend) The 11th Asian-European International Conference on Plasma Surface Engineering (AEPSE2017) in the 1st Global Plasma Life Fair held at Lotte Hotel Jeju & Jeju International Convention Center , Jungmun, Jeju Island , Korea. web
September 5-8, 2017
第78回応用物理学会秋季学術講演会 於:福岡国際会議場 (福岡県福岡市)[in Japanese] web Dr Ishikawa had an oral presentation entitled "高温での窒化ガリウム低損傷塩素エッチング" 7a-A402-10 on Oct. 7, 2017 (in Japanese)
September 4-8, 2017
28th Annual Meeting of the European Society for Biomaterials (ESB 2017) held at Megaron Athens International Conference Center, Athens, Greece. web
August 27-September 1, 2017
(not attend) International Union of Materials Research Societies / International Conference on Advanced Materials (IUMRS-ICAM2017) held at Kyoto, Japan. web C-5 Frontier of nano-materials based on advanced plasma technologies web
August 24-26, 2017
プラズマエレクトロニクスインキュベーションホール (in Japanese) web
July 30-August 4, 2017
(not attend) 23rd International Symposium on Plasma Chemistry held in Montréal, Canada. web
July 28-29, 2017
第14回日本病理学会カンファレンス 於:犬山 (in Japanese) web
July 15-18, 2017
(not attend) AVS 17th International Conference on Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD 2017) and the 4th International Atomic Layer Workshop (ALE 2017) held at the Sheraton Downtown Denver in Denver, Colorado, USA. web
July 9-14, 2017
(not attend) International Conference on Phenomena in Ionized Gases (ICPIG 2017) held at Estoril Congress Center, Lisbon, Portugal. web
July 7, 2017
International Workshop held at Jozef Stefen Institute, Slovenia. Dr Ishikawa had an oral presentation.
July 2-6, 2017
(attend) iPlasmaNano-VIII held at the University of Antwerp, Antwerp, Belgium. web Dr Ishikawa had a poster presentation.
June 28-29, 2017
第70回酸化ストレス学会 於:つくば国際会議場 (in Japanese) web Dr Ishikawa had an oral presentation.
June 27-29, 2017
(not attend) International Forum on Functional Materials (IFFM 2017) and 7th International Symposium on Plasma Biosciences (ISPB2017) held at Ramada Plaza Jeju Hotel, Korea web
June 3, 2017
(非公開)第一回プラズマバイオ勉強会 於:名古屋大学 (in Japanese)
May 21-25, 2017
(not attend) 231st ECS meeting held at Hilton New Orleans Riverside hotel, LA, USA. web
May 21-25, 2017
(not attend) 44th Annual International Conference on Plasma Science (ICOPS 2017) held in Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA. Mr Timothy Brubaker had a presentation. web
April 24-28, 2017
(not attend) 44th International Conference on Metallurgical Coatings and Thin Films (ICMCTF), held at San Diego, CA, USA. Prof Hori had an invited talk of "Low-temperature Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Processing and its Diagnostics for a Healthcare Device".
April 23-27, 2017
Frontiers in Low Temperature Plasma Diagnostics Workshop (FRONTIERS 2017) to be held at Zlatibor, Serbia web Dr Ishikawa had an invited talk titled "Diagnostics of activated species generated by non-equilibrium atmospheric pressure plasmas for plasma biomedical applications".
April 6-7, 2017
(not attend) The 22nd Korea-Japan Workshop on Advanced Plasma Processes and Diagnostics and The 9th Workshop for NU-SKKU Joint Institute for Plasma-Nano Materials (K-J Workshop) held at Sungkyunkwan University, Suwon, Korea.
March 29, 2017
電子情報技術部会 エレクトロニクス交流会エレクトロニクス応用技術講演会「プラズマエレクトロニクスの新展開」 Dr Ishikawa presented an invited lecture of 「医療・バイオ応用プラズマ技術」 at 14:30-15:45. 於: 新化学技術推進協会(JACI)web
March 27-28, 2017
(not attend) 4th International Workshop on Plasma for Cancer Treatment (IWPCT-2017) held at the Institut Curie, Paris, France. web
March 14-17, 2017
第64回応用物理学会春季学術講演会 於:パシフィコ横浜(神奈川県横浜市) (in Japanese) web Dr Ishikawa will have an oral presentation.
March 12-16, 2017
(not attend) 81st IUVSTA Workshop on Respose of Biological Materials to Plasma Treated Medium held at Rogla, Slovenia. web
March 5-9, 2017
(not attend) International Conference on Plasmas with Liquids (ICPL 2017) held in Prague, Czech Republic. web
March 1-5, 2017
9th International Symposium on Advanced Plasma Science and Its Application for Nitrides and Nanomaterials (ISPlasma) and 10th International Conference on Plasma-Nanotechnology and Science (IC-PLANTS 2017) held at Chubu University, Nagoya, Japan.
February 27-28, 2017
International Workshop of Plasma Medical Innovation held at Nagoya University, Nagoya, Japan.
February 23-24, 2017
(不参加)プラズマ材料科学スクール 大気圧プラズマの基礎と最新のオゾン技術 於:弘済会館 (in Japanese) web
February 18, 2017
酸化ストレス学会東海支部 第5回学術集会 於:愛知学院大学名城公園キャンパス
January 27, 2017
特別講演会「最先端プラズマ技術の展開~ナノ材料からバイオまで」 Special lecture of Prof. Uros Cvelbar (Jozef Stefan Institute, Slovenia) "Plasma-assisted synthesis and modifications of nanomaterials for advance applications" on 13:00-14:30. Workshop on advanced plasma applications on bio and nanomaterials held in conjunction with the special lecture. Both at NIC 1F idea stoa, Nagoya University. Dr Ishikawa had an invited lecture on "Plasma technology for medicine and bio application" on 14:30-15:30.
January 20, 2017
第22回 先端プラズマ技術研究会(金三会) 於:名古屋大学VBLホール (in Japanese) Dr Ishikawa had an invited lecture on "Plasma biomedical applications" 「なぜプラズマは生体に作用するのか~医療・バイオ応用プラズマ技術~」
January 16-18, 2017
第34回プラズマプロセシング研究会(SPP34)/第29回プラズマ材料科学シンポジウム(SPSM29) 於: 北海道大学 (in Japanese) web Prof. Dr Hori had a plenary lecture 「プラズマ医療科学の総括と未来展望」
January 11-15, 2017
(not attend) 3rd International workshop on advanced plasma technology and applications - Agriculture and biotechnology by plasma - was held at Nong Lam University, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam web
January 5, 2017
第4回北陸プラズマ医療応用研究会(非公開) 於:金沢大学サテライトプラザ (In Japanese)

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