Past meetings


December 9-11, 2020
30th annual symposia of Material Research Society of Japan (MRS-J) was held online at Yokohama, Japan. web
December 7-9, 2020
MRM Forum 2020 was held online from pacifico Yokohama, Japan. web
December 6-10, 2020
47th International Conference on Plasma Science (ICOPS) was held online at Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. (originally scheduled on May 24-28, 2020.) web
December 1-4, 2020
第37回プラズマ・核融合学会年会 online 於: 松山,愛媛 [in Japanese] web
November 28-December 4, 2020
Fall Meeting on Material Research Society (MRS) to be held at Boston, MA, USA. web
:November 19-23 June 14-19, 2020
Postponed ICPM8 8th International Conference on Plasma Medicine (ICPM8) to be not held at ConvensiA, Incheon, Korea. web
November 19-20, 2020
Postponed 42nd International Symposium on Dry Process (DPS) to be not held at Waseda University, Tokyo, Japan.
November 9-12, 2020
MNC 33rd International Microprocesses and Nanotechnology Conference (MNC) was held online at Art hotel Osaka bay tower, Osaka, Japan. web
October 26-30, 2020
4th Asian Pacific Conference on Plasma Physics (AAPPS-DPP 2020) was held online at Sejong University Convention Center, (originally Jeju island,) Korea. web Dr Ishikawa had an invited talk of "Germination kinetics of plasma-activated seeds".
October 25-30, 2020
Cancelled AVS AVS 67th International Symposium & Exhibition to be held at Colorado Convention Center, Denver, CO, USA. web
October 19-20, 2020
(Cancelled) International conference on Nanoscience and Materials World (NSMW 2020) to be held at Rome, Italy. web
October, 2020
(not attend) 4th International Conference on Emerging Advanced Nanomaterials (ICEAN) was held at the Newcastle Exhibition and Convention Center (NEX), Newcastle, Australia. web
October 6-7, 2020
第73回日本酸化 ストレス学会/第20回日本NO学会 合同学術集会 online 於:米子コンベンションセンター BIG SHIP web (Postponed June 3-4, 2020)
October 5-11, 2020
GEC 73rd Gaseous Electronics Conference (GEC) was held online at San Diego, USA. web Dr Ishikawa had an oral presentation of "Metabolomic profiles of glioblastoma in plasma-activated solutions" at 7:15-7:30 (17:15-17:30 CDT) on October 6, 2020.
September 15-16, 2021
(not attend) 第84回半導体・集積回路技術シンポジウム 於:オンライン (in Japanese) web
September 8-11, 2020
秋応物 第80回応用物理学会秋季学術講演会 オンライン開催 in Japanese 於:同志社大学(京都) web Dr Ishikawa had an oral presentation of "プラズマ活性乳酸処理グリオーマのメタボロミクス解析(2)" at 15:00-15:15 on September 8, 2020.
September 7, 2020
プラズマバイオコンソーシアム2020年度名古屋拠点研究会 (in Japanese) 於:名古屋大学 ideastoa (Closed workshop)
September 6-11, 2020
(not attend) Plasma Surface Engineering (PSE) was held at Trade Fair Erfurt, Germany. web
September 4-5, 2020
プラズマ材料科学第153委員会 第146回研究会『プラズマプロセスにおける気中・液中のラジカル・イオン計測技術』 online in Japanese at Iwate University, Japan Dr Ishikawa had an invited lecture on "閾値イオン化による質量分析での分子状ラジカルやイオン計測"
August 21, 2020
2nd Global Plasma Forum at online meeting web
August 20-21, 2020
Defense of doctor disseatation 博士学位公聴会 於:名古屋大学 (in Japanese)
August 18, 2020
Satellite meeting of AAPPS-DPP2020:
Cutting-edge of plasma applications. Dr Ishikawa had a plenary lecture on "Toward the low-temperature plasma cancer therapy"
July 20-25, 2020
International Symposium on Medical and Radiation Physics (ISMARP-2020) was held online. Dr Ishikawa had an invited lecture on "Diagnostics and therapy of cancer using plasma technology" 10:00-11:00 on July 21, 2020.
July 15-18, 2020
(not attend) ESSCAMPIG to be held at Paris, France.
June 28-July 1, 2020
Postponed 20th International Conference on Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD 2020) featuring the 7th International Atomic Layer Etching Workshop (ALE 2020) held online at Ghent, Belgium web
May 5-7, 2020
Postponed 1st workshop on Plasma Cryogenic Etching Process (PlaCEP 2020) to be held at Orleans, France web
April 2-3, 2020
Postponed 5th Area Selective Deposition Workshop (ASD 2020) to be held at Stanford University in Palo Alto, California USA. web
March 24-25, 2020
Postponed IWPCT (not attend) 7th International Workshop on Plasma for Cancer Treatment (IWPCT 2020) will be held in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA web
March 17-20, 2020
Canceled (not attend) 20th Biennial Meeting for the Society for Free Radical Research International (SFRR 2020) to be held at Chang Gung University of Science and Technology (CGUST) and Chang Gung University (CGU), Taoyuan, Taiwan. web
March 12-15, 2020
Canceled 春応物 第67回応用物理学会春季学術講演会 於:上智大学 予稿集発行のみ
March 8-11, 2020
Canceled ISPLASMA 12th International Symposium on Advanced Plasma Science and its Applications for Nitrides and Nanomaterials / 13th International Conference on Plasma Nanotechnology and Science (ISPlasma2020/IC-PLANTS2020) held at Nagoya University, Nagoya, Japan. web
March 1-4, 2021 March 1-4, 2020
Postponed IWOPA 3rd International Workshop on Plasma Agriculture (IWOPA 2020) tobe held in Greifswald, Germany. web Dr Ishikawa will have an oral presentation on Mar 2. "Electron spin resonance study on germination dynamics of plasma-activated seeds of radish sprouts".
February 29, 2020
(not attend) 第34回日本酸化 ストレス学会関東支部会 於: 芝浦工業大学芝浦キャンパス [in Japanese]
February 22, 2020
(not attend) 第8回日本酸化 ストレス学会東海支部学術集会 於:岐阜大学 [in Japanese]
February 20, 2020
The 1st Global Plasma Forum to be held at Ideastoa in Nagoya University.
February 21, 2020
第33回プラズマ新領域研究会 「非平衡プラズマによる機能性窒素の生成と応用」於:東京大学 本郷キャンパス 工学部4号館41講義室 (in Japanese) web Dr Ishikawa had an invited talk.
February 18, 2020
第2回プラズマバイオコンソーシアム研究報告会 於:名古屋大学工学部5号館 (Closed)
February 9, 2020
(not attend) 第40回日本基礎老化学会シンポジウム 細胞の質的変化から紐解く老化と老年疾患 於:中部大学名古屋キャンパス(鶴舞) [in Japanese] (JSBMG)

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