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Thursday, March 10, to Saturday, March 12, 2011

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Banquet on March 10


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Opening remarks

Hirotaka Toyoda

Nagoya University, Japan

Opening remarks
Global Model of Micro Hollow Cathode Discharges in Argon

P. Chabert

CNRS-Ecole Polytechnique, France

Plasma Propagation of a 13.56 MHz Asymmetric Surface Barrier Discharge in Atmospheric Pressure Air

R.W. Boswell

The Australian National University, Australia

Weakly Magnetized Inductively Coupled Plasma Source for 450 mm Wafer Processing Tool

H.-J. Lee

Pusan National University, Korea

Optimal Aspect Ratio for Multi-hollow Microwave Discharge

I.P. Ganachev

Shibaura Mechatronics Corporation, Japan

High Speed Surface Modification with AC Excited Ultra High Density Non-Equilibrium Atmospheric Pressure Plasma

M. Hori

Nagoya University, Japan

Applications of MIR-Laser Absorption Techniques for Plasma Diagnostics in Basic Research and Industry

J. Röpcke

INP Greifswald, Germany

Application of Remote Hydrogen Plasma to Selective Processing for Ge-based Devices – Crystallization, Etching and Metallization

S. Miyazaki

Nagoya University, Japan

RF Waveform Tailoring to Control Film Morphology during Nanocrystalline Silicon PECVD

J-P Booth

Laboratoire de Physique des Plasmas-CNRS, Ecole Polytechnique, France

Ultra Low Resistive NM Thick AZO Films Deposited by Magnetron Sputtering Using Solid Phase Crystallization

M. Shiratani

Kyushu University, Japan

Light-Weighted Micromirror Fabricated Using Stacked Photoresist Masks Realized by UV Curing

S. Kumagai

Toyota Technological Institute, Japan

Benchmark Calculations of Atomic Data for Plasma Applications

K. Bartschat

Drake University, USA

New Phenomenology in Description of Townsend Discharges and Gas Breakdown: from Standard Size to Micro discharges

Z. Lj. Petrovic

University of Belgrade, Serbia

Surface Roughness Formation during Si Etching in Cl2 and Cl2/O2 Plasmas: Atomic-scale Analysis of Three-dimensional Feature Profile Evolution

H. Tsuda

Kyoto University, Japan

Synthesis of Nano-graphene by Plasma in Liquid Ethanol

T. Hagino

Nagoya University, Japan

Plasma Treatment of Living Tissues — How Penetrating are the Plasma-mediated Therapeutic Effects

M.G. Kong

Loughborough University, UK

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