Kenji Ishikawa is a professor of the Center for low-temperature Plasma Sciences of Nagoya University, Japan since 2023. He was a project professor of the Center of plasma Nano-interface engineering of the Kyushu University, Japan on 2019. He is currently engaged in studies on novel low-temperature plasma processing technologies such as fundamental plasma science, plasma medicine, and plasma agriculture and on plasma diagnostics such as vibrational (IR/Raman/SFG) spectroscopy, and electron spin resonance (ESR). His research interest focuses on plasma-biochemical reactions involving free-radicals on living organisms. He received a PhD from Tohoku University, Japan. He is a member of the Japan Society of Applied Physics.

Kenji Ishikawa is a Professor of Center for low temperature plasma science (clps), Nagoya University, Japan. His scientific research interests involve plasma-surface interactions in semiconductor processes and cover plasma effects on liquids and living organisms. He holds his Ph.D. in engineering from Tohoku University. He did his research at the plasma laboratory and environmentally benign etching laboratory of the association of super electronics technologies (ASET) (1999-2004). He joined the Nagoya University in 2009 and was promoted to an adjunct professor of the plasma nanotechnology research center (PLANT) of the Nagoya University in 2012. From 2019 to 2020, he was an adjunct professor of the center of plasma nano-interface engineering (CPNE), Kyushu University. Since 2021, he is currently working on plasma science and technology and graduating phD and MS students. He received the 11th Plasma Electronics Award (2013) and the 37th Outstanding Paper Award (2015), of the Japan Society of Applied Physics for work related to the in situ real time analysis of electron spin resonance (ESR) allowing to detection of free radicals on materials and living organisms. He is now engaged also in plasma medicine and plasma agriculture studies. He has published more than 300 papers in refereed international journals and his works cited over 3000 times with h-index of 32. He has also given more than 60 invited talks and holds more than 50 patents. He has served as program chairman of the international symposium of advanced plasma science and its applications for nitrides and nanomaterials and the international conference on plasma nanotechnology and science (ISPlasma/IC-PLANTS).

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