Program | Invited Speakers

  • [A] Hiroaki Kakiuchi, Osaka University,
    High Rate Deposition of Si Thin Film by application of Atmospheric-Pressure Plasma CVD
  • [A2] Michio Kondo, AIST,
    Research for Photovoltaics: cost reduction of solar energy through comprehensive researches from materials to large scale PV systems
  • [B] Takayuki Ohba, The university of Tokyo,
    3D integration for the Wafer-on-a-Wafer (WOW) applicationby usibg stacking of thinning wafers
  • [C] Won-Jong Yoo, Sungkyunkwan University,
    Plasma etching technology to enhance solar cell efficiency
  • [D] Gary Friedman, Drexel University,
    Progress in Plasma Medicine: Plasma Wound Treatment
  • [E] Luc Stafford, University of Houston,
    Auger electron spectroscopy study of the chemical reactions on a plasma reactor wall
  • [F] Yuichiro Sasaki, Ultimate Junction Technologies,
    Conformal Doping for FinFETs by using a Self-Regulatory Plasma Doping Process