Program | Presentation guide

Oral presentation guidelines

The presentation number consists of first character corresponding to the session number followed by a subsequent digit that corresponds to the order of the presentation within the session.

Presentation time:

Invited Oral Presentation : 35min presentation + 5min. discussion.
Contributed Oral Presentation: 16min. presentation + 4min. discussion.

A conference hall is equipped with a LCD projector and a notebook computer provided by organizers, using Windows, Microsoft PowerPoint. Since the conference schedule is very tight, we would like to avoid any delays due to files or computers incompatibilities and to the switching between computers.

Thus, we recommend as a first option the use of files saved on CD or USB media. Presenters with files should make software compatibility checks and then copy the files in the computer available at least one break time before the presentation. Presenters that intend to use their personal computers should check the compatibility with the LCD system well during break time.

Poster presentation guidelines

The poster sessions are arranged in the Media hall. An area of 120 cm-wide and 180 cm-high on poster board is given for each presenter.

Posters are to be attached on the boards by tape supplied by the organizers. Posters should be put up at least 30 min. before the commencement of the poster session. Your presentation number is already displayed on the poster board. Authors are requested to stay near by their posters during the poster presentation for discussions. After poster presentation, please remove your poster as soon as possible.