Submission | Special Issue of "Japanese Journal of Applied Physics(JJAP)"

Dear All presenters of DPS 2010:

The DPS 2010 committee would like to invite you to submit your research presented in the DPS 2010 to the Japanese Journal of Applied Physics (JJAP) special issue. The special issue will consist of review papers of invited speakers and regular papers presented at the conference, being distributed to all subscribers for JJAP.
The authors who want their papers to be included in the JJAP special issue will be requested to submit a manuscript directly to the Publication Office of JJAP by November 11, 2010 (extended deadline to November 18, 2010) at:
or via the DPS 2010 Web-site at:

The submission will undergo the normal JJAP standard referee-review-process for an original paper. Paper-length is basically planned to occupy 4-6 journal pages, but if necessary this is not limited. Papers should include more data and more detailed interpretations of the findings reported in the DPS 2010 proceedings volume. The same manuscripts as in the proceedings volume will not be accepted.

The deadline for submission to this special issue will be 11/11/2010.

General Information for Authors of JJAP Special Issues

*** NOTES ***
You are not eligible for the submission to the JJAP without presentation at the symposium.
The authors (or their institution) will be requested to pay the publication charge of the JJAP, when the paper is accepted.

Yours sincerely,

Dry Process Symposium 2010,

  • T. Oiwa, Organizing Chair
  • S. Miyazaki, Executive Chair
  • N. Itabashi, Program Chair
  • K. Eriguchi, Publication Chair.