ICRP-9 / GEC-68 / SPP-33
      9th International Conference on Reactive Plasmas
      68th Gaseous Electronics Conference
      33rd Symposium on Plasma Processing

October 12 - October 16 2015
    Hawaii Convention Center
    1801 Kalakaua Avenue, Honolulu, HI 96815, USA


The Organizing Committee of ICRP-9/GEC68/SPP-33 greatly acknowledges the financial support provide by the following organizations.

ACE KNACK CO. ,LTD http://www.aceknack.com/
Alphasystem, Ltd. http://www.alphasystem.biz/
COSMOTEC Corporation http://www.cosmotec-co.jp
Crev Inc. http://www.crev.co.jp/
Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation http://www.hitachi-hightech.com/global/products/device/
Lam Research Corporation http://www.lamresearch.com/