ICRP-9 / GEC-68 / SPP-33
      9th International Conference on Reactive Plasmas
      68th Gaseous Electronics Conference
      33rd Symposium on Plasma Processing

October 12 - October 16 2015
    Hawaii Convention Center
    1801 Kalakaua Avenue, Honolulu, HI 96815, USA

Note to presenters

This is the ICRP-9/SPP-33 proceedings submission page for both contributed and invited presenters.
For the ICRP-9/SPP-33 proceedings, submission log number of GEC abstract is required. Please complete the GEC abstract submission before the ICRP-9/SPP-33 proceedings submission.
Also, please remember the topics number you have chosen in the GEC abstract submission page, and GEC submission log number you have obtained after GEC abstract submission.
Please read the following instruction for the ICRP-9/SPP-33 proceedings submission.
ICRP proceeding template can be downloaded here "ICRP-9 proceedings template"

Step 1: Check your GEC abstract submission log number and topics number
Step 2: Input GEC abstract submission log number
Step 3: Input authors information including title and topics number
Step 4: Confirm authors information
Step 5: PDF upload
Step 6: Check confirmation e-mail from the ICRP office

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